D8 is a globally operating Payments Solutions vendor for retail banks, payments processors, retailers, fleet cards processors, e-money issuers and other organizations exploiting remote banking technologies, including payment cards and internet/mobile banking.

Founded in 2002, D8 has been involved in multiple projects in over 25 countries with both small and large organizations. We have four offices in three countries and have an established network of partners.

We work in close partnership with world’s largest FINTEC company FIS. We provide development and implementation services related to FIS payment card processing systems CORTEX and IST/Switch.

Our Values

We value agreements. We do our best to meet the agreed project budget, delivery period and we never compromise on quality. Most of our customers would give us a good reference.

We believe in our partners. Whether it is a technology partner or it is a local reseller, D8 always supports long term relationships and would never change them for short-term extra-profit.

We learn and we change.
We learn from our mistakes.
We use proven and modern technology stack.
We like to compete.
Because we truly believe it drives the progress.

D8 Team

We, at D8, are a multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-cultural team. We are well organized and we use modern practices in everything we do. We believe in young people and we are helping them to advance as soon as possible in the industry we are operating in.

Our Certificates

D8 Corporation has been evaluated by Compliance Control Ltd.and were found to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2.
PCI DSS is supported by international Payment Brands, including MasterCard and Visa, Inc.


Collaboration with the ERDF

In 2016 an agreement was signed with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency in accordance with the project of the European Regional Development Fund “Development of International Competitiveness”  (contract no. SKV-L-2016/98).