We make magic happen behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens when you insert your payment card into the terminal in your local coffee kiosk? Or when you login into your online or mobile banking app? The reason why these processes seem so common and easy for you is because we have worked very hard to make them so!

Our work is not immediately apparent to a regular customer, but is very important and makes life easier for all of us. Therefore, we highly value people that love building things that work stably, efficiently and are reliable. We also invest a lot in our employees to help them grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

As a software development company, we are primarily interested in technical talent (software engineers, IT professionals, project managers), but if you can show us how your work will create value for our company, we’d be happy to meet with you as well, regardless of your background.

Reasons to join us

Number one reason for you to join us is shared vision and values. If you haven't already read about our values and vision, you can read about them here.

Among the remaining three reasons are:

  1. Our willingness invest time and resources in developing you into a world-class professional
  2. Opportunities to travel on business to the furthest places on earth and explore different countries and cultures
  3. Support of your ideas and providing you with opportunities to implement them, whenever it'll make sense

Quick facts about us


Our team

We have built a diverse team of professionals, who are really passionate about financial technologies:

  • We come from different backgrounds. We have people who were trained as software engineers, IT managers, project managers, civil engineers, lawyers, bankers, marketers, executives. And passion for financial technologies is what unites us all.
  • We come from different cultures. We have Latvians, Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians in our core team, as well as we are closely working with clients and partners of Scandinavian, Slavic, English, Latin, Muslim and Caucasian descents. This diversity makes us stronger and helps us thrive in our increasingly globalized society.
  • We speak different languages. All of us speak English, most of us speak Latvian and Russian, and some of us speak Belarusian and Ukrainian. If you speak one of these languages, you will definitely feel like home here.

We live an active lifestyle

Work certainly is not everything for us. We work hard, but we also do not forget to stay in shape and live an active and sporty life.

We have 3 in-house xRace teams, as well as numerous people that run marathons (yes, even 42 km), participate in orienteering competitions, rogainings, as well as ski and snowboard in winter. You are guaranteed to find like minded sports partners in our team.

Our top 3 sports

running cycling orienteering

Want to join us?

We have the following positions open at the moment:

Click on the link to see full description of open position. If you're interested in the available position, please click on the "Send CV" button below, fill in the form and attach your CV as well.

Didn't find a position that suits you?

We value talent over positions. Even if there is no current opening available, it all comes down to the value that you can bring us. Therefore, send us your CV anyway and tell us about your talents and how can you potentially help us improve our business. If there is a good fit, we might as well invent the position you desire!

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