Case studies

MTBank HCE Payments

MTBank is the first in Belarus to have started using HCE payment technology that allows paying for purchases with one touch of a smartphone to the payment terminal. You just have to install the application – MTBank HCE. The solution is based on D8 Corporation product – D8 HCE Payments.

MTBank HCE application allows you to issue a virtual payment card on your mobile phone. You are able to pay for products and services with the help of your mobile phone in any terminal that supports contactless payments function PayPass.

With MTBank HCE application, you are able to:

  • Issue a virtual card;
  • Pay for purchases using a smartphone;
  • Have access to lists of purchases.

Customs Card operator in Russia – Таможенная Карта

Customer Customs Card (Таможенная Карта – TK) has a working solution of processing customs payments using payment cards that is based on processing solutions provided by several 3rd parties and old internal systems.

Customer wanted to achieve the following goals:

  1. Own payment cards processing centre;
  2. Up-to-date technical platform;
  3. Web and Mobile applications for performing the necessary business operations;
  4. Electronic signature support for legally valid electronic payments execution;
  5. Online real time balance information for their customers;
  6. Integration with many new customers (Banks).

We offered the client integrated D8 Products stack: Infinity + Cortex + StrongHold.

Realization of the project took 1 year, in project locations in Riga and Moscow;
Project characteristics – agile approach, tight cooperation, on-site visits, global product development team.

The results of the project include:

  1. Enhanced customer service for TK;
  2. State-of-the-art payment cards processing system in practice;
  3. Savings due to owning a processing center (no need for 3rd party solution);
  4. Better proximity to customer (Online, Mobile);
  5. Cooperation with new customers (Banks) due to support of additional data exchange interfaces.

First Swiss Card

First Swiss Card (FSC) was formed as a financial institution that started out in the market offering financial services and prepaid payment cards. The client was in a need of IT support:

  • for payment card transaction processing and administration of commission fees;
  • as a tool for users to manage payment cards and make payments;

We offered:

  1. The use of a widely known system – FIS Cortex – for card transaction processing and commission fee administration;
  2. Online banking for external users with the option for managing accounts, making transfers into accounts and getting bank statements;
  3. Mobile banking that can substitute the functions of online banking;
  4. User administration module for the administration of external users;
  5. A system for risk management – D8 StrongHold;
  6. A system for activity monitoring – NetXMS.

Initially all requirements were detailed and a software was developed accordingly. When the ownership of the company changed, the requirements changed radically, too. The changes were all-embracing – both for the design of the system and the requirements of its functions.

  • Any further development was carried out using AGILE;
  • Exact requirements for the functions were agreed on in-person meetings;
  • Regular meetings with the client were held.

The results of the project:

  1. The client is successfully operating in the financial market;
  2. The client has several thousands of customers and system users.