Liberty Bank

Helping Liberty Bank branch out into e-commerce acquiring

Client profile

Liberty Bank is a private bank in Georgia, the third largest in the country by total assets, and has the largest network of branches in Georgia. Liberty Bank is among the most innovative banks in the country, continuously striving to offer premier digital services to its customers.

Project objectives

As the Georgian market rapidly adopts digital and mobile technologies across all segments of the economy, so do consumer tastes and preferences change. In 2021, Georgia was experiencing strong growth in demand for e-commerce purchases, with e-commerce purchases’ share in the total consumer spending rising rapidly.

These market trends created a strong demand for acquiring services from merchants. Liberty Bank, as a bank with historically strong positions in acquiring a business, decided to enter the e-commerce acquiring space and expand its market share in the overall acquiring industry. In order to do that, Liberty Bank needed a reliable technology partner to build an e-commerce acquiring infrastructure for them.

Offered solution

D8 Corporation offered Gate2Bank Ecommerce Platform – a complete platform for building e-commerce acquiring infrastructure. The foundational element of this installation is the e-commerce gateway, which is connected to Liberty Bank’s HOST system, which is connected to Visa and Mastercard for transaction routing to the issuer.

Merchants are onboarded through the already existing back office system, so the merchant portal module of Ecommerce Platform was supplied with slight onboarding process modifications, in order to fit the current processes that exist within the bank and delegate onboarding functions to the existing back office system.


As a result, Liberty Bank was able to quickly launch acquiring services in Georgia and take advantage of the rapidly growing new payments market segment.

You can see a screenshot example from Liberty Bank’s merchant portal that was customized according to the bank’s requirements.

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