How to become a true regional innovator in payments services

Company profile

MTBank (rus. МТБанк) is one of the leading banks in Belarus, well-known for its’ pioneering mindset in several financial services areas. In 2015, MTBank was awarded with prestigious The Banker Bank of the year 2015 in Belarus award, as well as each consecutive year MTBank was recognized for its’ quality of service by smaller, more local rating agencies.

Main challenge

With an increased popularity of the contactless technology on the local market, as well as rapid development of contactless-ready POS infrastructure, MTBank wanted to defend its’ innovator image and take competitive landscape to a whole new level by introducing a mobile wallet with embedded HCE technology on the Belarus market. HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology allows to turn an Android smartphone with embedded NFC antenna into a payments device, with which you can make contactless payments just like with any regular plastic contactless card. When MTBank approached D8 (it was in the beginning of 2015), there were no successful implementations of HCE wallets on the Belarus market. As this was a true innovation race, all about being the first to introduce this technology on the market, deadlines were tight and MTBank needed an experienced partner to pull this off. That’s why it approached D8 first, knowing from the previous joint projects that D8 has a profound expertise in the payment cards industry.

Project goals

The main goal of this project was to deploy an HCE mobile wallet, with in-house tokenization capability, that would allow MTBank’s customers to issue digital copies of their existing Mastercard cards or issue completely new Mastercard cards directly in digital form, without producing them in the physical plastic. Overall, D8 team had 3 months for everything (including all tests and certifications in Mastercard), with a strict deadline of going live while still in 2015.

Offered solution

Designing a solution for this project was very easy, because D8 Corporation had just developed an in-house tokenization engine, compliant with MCBP standard and the only thing needed was to integrate this tokenization technology with existing Digital Wallet platform that D8 had at that moment. So we supplied Digital Wallet platform, which we integrated with our MCBP-compliant tokenization engine, as well as with MTBank’s cards processing system on the back-end.

Digital Wallet

Project results

Notwithstanding the tight deadline and technical challenges (there were some problems with Thales HSM commands and we had to work day and night, in 3 shifts, to make this happen), in the end mobile wallet went live on 28.12.2015, making MTBank’s mobile wallet the first live HCE implementation on the Belarus market, just like was planned. And not only that, it turned out that for Thales, our key partner in this project, this was also one of the first successful implementations of their payShield 9000 HSM modules, specifically designed for data encryption needs in HCE solutions. You can read more about Thales experience from this project in Thales HSM case study.

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