Citadele Bank launches Apple Pay


We are pleased to announce that another customer of ours, Citadele Bank, has launched a digitization solution for their Visa cards with Apple Pay Wallet on February 19, 2020.

Apple Pay Wallet is transforming mobile payments with a new way of making payments that is both easy to use and secure. From now on, Citadele’s Visa cards users will be able to digitize their cards within their Apple devices and pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch and use their Apple devices for making payments anywhere in the world where contactless cards are accepted. 

D8 Corporation has previously built HCE payments system for Citadele Bank, based on Gate2Bank Tokenization Platform. Right now, we have expanded this platform to also include components that smoothly connect with Apple Pay and perform initial data verification of Visa cards users as well as ensure that Citadele’s customer service representatives are able to deliver a superb service to Citadele’s Visa cards users.

Head of Cards and Payments at Citadele Andris Lazdiņš explains: “We observed that habits are slowly changing, and clients are starting to use phone payments as their main payment method more often, which is why we developed the opportunity for iPhone users to also pay using their phone—this opportunity was previously only available to Android users. We are grateful to D8 Corporation who were once again wonderful collaboration partners.”