Citadele launches HCE service for VISA cards in Latvia


We are excited to announce that one of our long-term clients, Citadele Bank, has upgraded its HCE mobile payments system and now offers customers an opportunity to tokenize their VISA payment cards.

VISA cards tokenization will help to increase the popularity of HCE mobile payments among Latvian customers, as well as across all Baltic states.

You can read more about Citadele’s official feature launch on their website.

Citadele uses Gate2Bank Tokenization Platform as a platform for providing HCE payments services to its customers. In September 2017, Citadele has debuted with the initial installation of Gate2Bank Digital Wallet, integrated with Mastercard MDES Tokenization service. Citadele became the first bank in the Baltic states that launched HCE mobile payments service and during the last year the demand for this service has steadily increased, so Citadele has decided to upgrade its initial installation and added VISA tokenization capabilities.

Modular architecture of Gate2Bank Digital Wallet is perfectly suited for cases like this because it allows deploying system in several stages, thus maximizing early exposure of the service to the users, gaining valuable feedback from them, and then seamlessly adding features to the system as necessary.

This is the first D8 Corporation live project after obtaining TR-TSP certification, therefore marks an important milestone in the development of Gate2Bank Digital Wallet product.