First Ukrainian International Bank goes live with Gate2Bank StrongHold Risk Manager


D8 Corporation has recently completed the multi-stage production launch of yet another ambitious installation of Gate2Bank StrongHold Risk Management system. 

The First Ukrainian International Bank (or simply FUIB), one of the TOP-5 biggest Ukrainian banks, recently went fully live with Gate2Bank StrongHold Risk Management. This was a complex, multi-stage project that the bank undertook right amidst the pandemic last year, taking advantage of the Covid-19 restrictions in order to upgrade internal systems and offer better online services to their customers. 

The project went live in several phases, the first one starting from the middle of the summer 2020. 

“FUIB is a very important strategic client to us, because of the bank’s size and reputation in the industry. FUIB installation is also quite complex – real time monitoring of events from 7 different sources within the bank, customized and cross-channel risk scenarios for all sources .. D8 Corporation likes to solve difficult challenges and deliver solutions to the clients that do not fit “standard molds” of other vendors, so to speak.” – Nikolai Kovancov, Member of the Board at D8  comments. 

System was rigorously tested on the middle class hardware under various conditions throughout the project and was stably meeting all internal benchmarks under the average load of 1,400 TPS (Transactions Per Second), thereby proving its scalability. 

One of the main reasons why bank has chosen Gate2Bank StrongHold Risk Management system for this project was D8’s previous ample experience of implementing this product in complex risk projects for other issuers and acquirers, that are processing similar TPS loads (for example, you can read more about Customs Card project in this case study). Among other reasons are the quality of support and infrastructure management services that are provided by D8 SLA department 24x7x365 and the overall reputation of D8 Corporation in the region. 

“We are very satisfied with the quality of services D8 Corporation provided us. It is not so common to meet a vendor who is so open to any suggestions and customization needs of the client. This project required a lot of customizations and D8 understood our needs perfectly and delivered just what we needed!” – Taras Bazir, Director of the Security Department at FUIB.