MTBank has launched ApplePay


One of our long-term clients, MTBank, has launched ApplePay wallet for their clients in Belarus. Through ApplePay wallet, MTBank is offering digitization possibilities for both Visa and Mastercard branded cards for their customers. 

Previously, the bank has already launched several successful HCE payments products on the Belarus market, such as bank’s own wallet for Mastercard cards, multi-card wallet X-card, as well as integration with SamsungPay wallet, first in the country. With this project in the overall portfolio, MTBank is living up to its image as one of the most innovative banks in Belarus. 

ApplePay installation is based on the server-side components of Gate2Bank Tokenization Platform, that is specifically designed for building HCE payments systems in various configurations both on the front-end and back-end sides (including integration with third party wallets, such as ApplePay or SamsungPay).