MTBank launches payments through Viber messenger


Recently, D8 Corporation has launched another ambitious project for MTBank in Belarus – money transfers through Viber messenger! 

Now the clients of different banks in Belarus are able to make direct, peer-to-peer money transfers through Viber messenger, using nothing more than a phone number and a payment card. The beauty of this solution is in its added convenience – users have to enter their phone and payment card data only when conducting their first money transfer and all consecutive money transfers can be completed in one click, just like sending a picture or sharing a story on social media!

You can find more details about the functionality of this Viber feature in MTBank’s official press release (in Russian). 

This project is a complete custom job that D8 Corporation has built on MTBank’s order. D8 Corporation always strides to find the best possible solution for its clients, especially if the project is ambitious and challenging. If you also have interesting ideas on how to improve the quality of service your organization provides to the customers, but you don’t see any solutions that fit your needs in our portfolio – that’s ok too!

Just contact us and we’ll create a solution that meets your needs!