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Just like any other industry on the planet, payment cards acquiring is also rapidly impacted by the ongoing digitization wave. Just 15 years ago, it was hardly imaginable for the most people to go online, shop and pay for their purchases with a payment card. Nowadays, we see the reversed trend – online shopping tends to replace in-store purchases more and more. But the latest studies show that payment cards are still the most popular method of payments, when shopping online.

Another key thing to note is just how e-commerce field has expanded in the last 10 years. In just the last 3 years, the total number of mobile commerce users in the UK increased by roughly 50%, according to Statista. This signals, that people are increasingly moving into digital shopping and by no means we can expect this trend to diminish anytime soon. In terms of business volume this is also a lucrative opportunity, since the volume of online card transactions was on a steady rise (about 23%) in the last 3 years, according to Statista. Naturally, as more and more users will start actively shopping online, this volume will rapidly grow.

There are not that many companies in e-commerce acquiring, that provide high quality and low cost online acquiring services. Sure, there are some big names, such as Adyen, Nets and couple of others, but there also is plenty of room for small, more niche players in this space.

Are you looking for ways to further develop your acquiring business and capture some of this new value, created by the shift in consumer behavior (not just in the UK, but around the world)? Gate2Bank Merchant Acquiring will help your acquiring business advance to the new level!

What is Merchant Acquiring?

Merchant Acquiring is part of D8 Gate2Bank platform, developed specifically for acquiring card transactions from e-commerce stores. With Merchant Acquiring, you’ll be able to launch and offer your payment cards acquiring service to the e-commerce store owners in no time!

Merchant Acquiring makes entry into e-commerce acquiring services industry very easy, removing common obstacles, such as lack of technical expertise in this area within the organization, as well as ultra-tight budgets. It also will provide your organisation with all instruments you need to successfully operate an e-commerce acquiring business. For example, ready to use plugins for merchant web and mobile apps, e-commerce transaction gateway, 3D-Secure MPI plugin, as well as merchant portal application for e-commerce store owners and merchant management platform for your administrators.

This solution package also includes a set of API’s, flexible enough to connect to any switching engine in your infrastructure, any 3-rd party switching system you might have or any external PSP (such as Worldline, Nets, etc.).

What makes Merchant Acquiring so special?

When it comes to acquiring solutions in general, not just e-commerce acquiring, they tend to be big, complex and inflexible nowadays. Some acquirers have built their own systems due to the abundance of internal tech. resources, while other acquirers have purchased pre-built acquiring solutions from the 3-rd parties. In the latter case, typical system offered is very big, oriented towards big market players, that has historically dominated acquiring space.

But for small to a mid-sized bank, or acquiring service provider, such system will be too costly, too big and might not even fit their current infrastructure (due to the lack of some infrastructure components, on which these big systems depend).

With Merchant Acquiring, you can be sure that it will fit your organization perfectly, because it was built as a modular system from the very beginning, allowing you to choose only those components that you need. For example, if you already have 3D-Secure MPI server up and running, we can exclude MPI component from a solution that we will build for you, so that MPI functions do not duplicate in two different systems. Of course, in this case, you will also not overpay for the functionality you won’t be using.

Another important feature of Merchant Acquiring is merchant portal, that allows all merchants to see inside out all payments activity that is happening in their e-commerce stores – how many customers initiated transactions, how many customers abandoned transaction process, total value of transactions, etc. Of course, such dashboard for e-commerce merchants is also available in the other solutions on the market, but the costs of such solutions with interactive and detailed management portals will typically be much higher.

You will also get merchant management portal, available to your administrators, that can be used to display not only statistics on your e-commerce acquiring business, but also on your physical (POS) acquiring as well. Ability to aggregate data from multiple acquiring channels into one single dashboard creates much more detailed view of your acquiring channels performance, as well as may produce key insights that you wouldn’t have uncovered otherwise.

What are primary benefits of using Merchant Acquiring?

With Merchant Acquiring, you’ll be able to expand your existing acquiring business by adding digital acquiring channels into the mix, capitalizing on the latest trends in consumer shopping behavior.

Alternatively, if you are new to acquiring and are looking for a technology platform to base your business on, Merchant Acquiring will be a perfect fit for you, because it provides agility that is typically required by small startup companies. You will launch your business on the very short notice, quickly becoming a leading e-commerce acquirer in your region.

Want to know more?

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