Are your loyalty programs working effectively?

Nowadays loyalty programs are widely available in many markets across the globe. In the US, for example, popularity and memberships in loyalty programs more than tripled in the last 10 years, according to Statista. Customers prefer to use more loyalty programs, as well as they prefer different kinds of mediums/rewards, offered by such programs. According to Statista, in Great Britain 54% of adults prefer points-based loyalty programs, while 41% would like to receive special coupons and discounts for the products they buy regularly. 44% would like to receive more personalized offers, that would be based on their purchase history.

All of this creates an environment, where different and more personalized loyalty conditions need to be defined, and different loyalty mediums need to be supported by the loyalty program creators. This would be very challenging (if not impossible) to manage effectively with different dispersed IT systems (when loyalty cards are issued in one system, authorized in another, loyalty rules themselves are defined in still another system and so on), not even mentioning a case when there are no IT systems in place at all.

So how is your business coping with these challenges? Are you completely satisfied with the results you’re getting? Our guess is – not really, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. When old ways of doing things are not working, it’s time for a change!

What is PointZone?

PointZone is a behavior-based loyalty management system that helps loyalty programs operators to manage very sophisticated loyalty schemes from one centralized location. It supports all modern loyalty mediums (dedicated loyalty cards, payment cards with embedded loyalty functionality, vouchers, coupons, automatic discounts, mobile commerce, etc.) and different types of loyalty schemes (points-based, discount based).

PointZone performs complex loyalty points/discounts calculations in real-time, based on clients’ historic behavior, as well as parameters of the current purchase. All calculations of bonuses and discounts happen at the time of purchase.

PointZone can be integrated with any internal systems that you already have in place (such as CRM systems, cards issuing systems, voucher preparation and management systems, etc.), to create minimal disruption in your existing systems, while bringing in all the benefits of having one centralized loyalty engine that calculates points and applies discounts in real time.

What makes PointZone so special?

One of the key differentiators of PointZone is its’ strong analytical capabilities when compared to other integrated loyalty solutions, that focus more on the presentation layer (how the dashboard looks and feels, how loyalty data is displayed in the app, etc.). We believe that a strong loyalty management solution should have very flexible configuration options, in order to make it easily adaptable to the constantly changing market conditions. We also believe that it is crucial to have a loyalty solution in-house, in order to have full control over the market intelligence data that is gathered by this loyalty solution.

Additionally, very flexible integration layer, supporting not only modern REST Webservices, but also legacy integration options, based on C and Java interfaces, make PointZone a very versatile system that can be connected to any datasource in your IT infrastructure.

What can you do with PointZone?

PointZone will act as a platform that centralizes management of all your loyalty efforts in one place:

  • With PointZone you’ll be able to manage many complex loyalty programs, each consisting from thousands of individual loyalty conditions
  • With PointZone you’ll be able to issue loyalty cards (both personalized and anonymous), as well as manage any number of loyalty accounts
  • PointZone will make your loyalty programs very flexible, as you will be able to configure very precise loyalty conditions, up to individual conditions for each individual customer
  • You will gain powerful insights into behavior of your customers, being able to predict volume trends and future behavior, based on the accumulated historic data
  • You’ll be able to embed your loyalty programs into any transaction mediums that your customers are already using (their payment cards, fuel cards, mobile wallets, mobile banking apps or any other mediums), thus eliminating extra friction of having to adapt to the new medium in order to use your loyalty programs

What are primary benefits of using PointZone?

Among the main benefits of using PointZone for your business are:

  • Much more sophisticated loyalty programs are now becoming possible with PointZone, up to one-to-one (individual level) programs for every customer
  • Independence from third-party service providers, that are often inflexible and slow to adapt to the changing needs of your business, especially if you are small to mid-sized organization
  • Greater compatibility specifically with financial systems (such as mobile financial apps or payment cards), because our company is focusing exclusively on the financial technology space

What is PointZone implementation ROI?

According to the recent Statista study, 63% of surveyed businesses saw increase in conversion rates by making their offers more personalized, while 45% saw an increase in customer LTV (Lifetime Value) by making their offers more personalized. How important are conversion rates and LTV’s to your business?

Just imagine, that you’ll be able to increase your conversion rates by just 1%. If you currently have 100,000 unique users of your financial product or service and you’re currently able to upsell 10% of them to a new subscription service where each customer adds an additional 1,500 EUR of LTV per person, that is 15,000,000 EUR in additional revenue for your business. But if you increase your conversion rate from 10% to 11%, or your LTV from 1,500 to 1,650 EUR, it immediately increases your revenue by 1,500,000 EUR, thus producing approx. 10x (1,000%) return on your investment in setting up PointZone!

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about PointZone and how it could help your business to manage customer loyalty better and increase revenues of your business, fill in the form below and you’ll be contacted by one of our representatives on short notice. If you’d like to learn more about the features of PointZone, just download product factsheet, available below.

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