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Plastic cards are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Are you prepared?

Let’s face it – the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 initiated a slow downfall of payment cards as we know them because those pieces of plastic do not mix well into the digital world. In late 2014, when Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology became mature enough to be scaled en masse and Mastercard announced the first version of the HCE standard (MCBP) in its network, the downfall trend of payment cards has only accelerated.

HCE technology allows you to create a fully secure, encrypted digital copy of your plastic card. This digital copy is called a “token”. You can then upload your issued tokens to any digital device that is equipped with NFC (which nowadays comes as default in most smartphones and wearables) and make payments with your digital devices at any point of sale that accepts contactless payments (which are already a standard in many places around the world).

As digital devices become increasingly embedded in our daily lives, this begets the question – how prepared is your organization to transition to “digital only” payments? As a card issuer, are you providing your customers with tokenization services that enable them to use digital devices for making payments?

If you’re unsure – you came to the right place! Read on.

Tokenization Platform – an all-in-one solution for building tokenization services.

Tokenization Platform is a complete solution for building and launching tokenization services for your customers in any configuration. The genesis of the Tokenization Platform stems all the way back to 2015 when D8 Corporation was one of the pioneers developing tokenization solutions for Mastercard under the first version of the MCBP standard.

D8 Corporation was one of the first companies worldwide to launch the fully operational MCBP solution. You can check the case study we did on this project here.

Tokenization Platform contains all necessary modules for building tokenization solutions in different configurations, for tokenizing cards from both domestic and international schemas. Tokenization Platform is also flexible enough to allow various implementations of customer-facing mobile wallets, depending on your digital strategy.

Tokenization Platform consists of the following system modules:

  • CMS connectors
  • Tokenization engine
  • Issuer wallet connectors

CMS connectors

CMS connectors is a foundational module of the system that is responsible for processing pre-digitization requests. Pre-digitization requests are requests to the card issuers’ CMS systems that authenticate the cardholder and verify that issuer has allowed tokenization of a particular card.

This is a core module of any Tokenization Platform installation. Tokenization Platform has out-of-the-box I-TSP interfaces, certified by Mastercard and Visa, and a customizable I-TSP interface for domestic payment networks. Tokenization Platform also supports a multi-tenant model, which makes this system suitable for processors, such as Worldline, that provide payment card issuing services to a network of banks.

CMS connectors module is also used for integrating with different OEM wallets. So far, D8 Corporation has completed multiple projects with ApplePay, SamsungPay, GooglePay, and GarminPay. You can see a couple of sample screenshots from these integrations below.

Tokenization engine

Tokenization engine is the main module of the system that is responsible for token issuing, storage, and lifecycle management. Tokenization engine consists of two parts: TSP and CBP.

TSP part is responsible for connecting to the token service providers (such as Mastercard MDES and Visa VTS) and processing all of the token lifecycle requests (issuing, status management, etc.), coming from the digital devices. Tokenization engine’s TSP is fully certified by Visa and Mastercard, as well as is fully ready for integration with Cloud-based Services (CBPs) of domestic card schemas.

CBP part is a unique feature of the Tokenization Platform. D8 Corporation is one of the few companies worldwide, that has out-of-the-box technology for building tokenization services for domestic card schemes. Using CBP components, a domestic card scheme, such as HUMO in Uzbekistan (read more in our press release right here), can launch its own tokenization service that will directly rival tokenization services of global card schemes, like Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES.

Issuer Wallet connectors

Issuer Wallet connectors module offers a set of interfaces and tools for building open or closed loop issuer wallets. It consists of communication interfaces to send and receive requests to and from mobile applications and of Visa and Mastercard certified SDKs, that your developers can use to embed tokenization features in your digital services (mobile wallets, digital bank apps, wearable apps, etc.).

D8 Corporation also offers value-added mobile application development services, where our Android experts will develop a mobile application to your design and functional specification. Below are a couple of examples we have previously developed for our clients.

License or SaaS models available.

We cater to the broad spectrum of organizations, from large and established banks to small and nimble startups. Regardless of how well-established is your organization, you can take advantage of the Tokenization Platform – just start with SaaS installation and as your business grows, you can always switch to an in-house license later. System migration from SaaS to in-house is seamless, thanks to configuration management features that allow you to migrate system configurations from one installation to another with only a few clicks.

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