Monitoring 24/7

Available on: platforms

D8 Corporation provides 24/7 monitoring and system maintenance services for its clients throughout product exploitation, thus it is not neccessary for them to ensure additional personnel for product maintenance purposes.

Monitoring 24/7 services include:

System monitoring and administration

  • System monitoring with NetXMS system;
  • Registration of incidents and system threats;
  • System administration;
  • Preventive maintenance of systems on a regular basis.

Analysis, prevention of incidents and threats

  • Analysis or incidents and threats registered, determination of causes and necessary resolution activities;
  • Prevention of incidents and threats;
  • Delegate prevention of incidents and threats for resolution to third parties, if necessary;
  • Monitoring of the resolution process, internal and third parties.


  • Consultations for Customer on system and on necessary actions to ensure normal functioning of the system;
  • Additional consultations on system functionality, system development, operational improvement, integration, integration with the Customer’s services and processes.

Customer relationship management

  • Overview of incidents, problems, and requests for changes, performed together with Customer on a regular basis;
  • Preparation and submission of service reports on a regular basis;
  • Coordination of necessary downtimes with Customer and third parties.