Card Management System

Everything you need to launch or upgrade your payment cards infrastructure.

Next generation card management system

With decades of practical experience in defining, configuring, and integrating card management system for our valued customers, D8 has acquired substantial knowledge regarding customer requirements and best practices. As a result, this valuable expertise has driven us to develop our own solution, leveraging our insights to deliver a reliable and efficient product.

Our Card Management System is a cutting-edge lightweight core processing solution, built on a robust microservices architecture. With its capability to handle high TPS (Transactions Per Second) loads, this platform delivers excellent performance. The microservices architecture enables seamless scalability allowing easy expansion of functional modules and processing volumes to meet your ever-growing demands.

Thanks to the microservices architecture, our Card Management System offers a range of redundancy cluster configurations out of the box, including multi-node Active-Active clusters, guaranteeing maximum system availability at all times.

Card Management System functional modules consist of the following:

Authorization Core/Switch

For seamless host-to-host and payment network connections and routing large volumes of transactions.

Device interfaces (POS, ATM, mPOS, softPOS)

For connecting your mix of on the ground and portable acquiring devices with remote management capabilities.

CMS module

For issuing debit and credit card products, managing offline accounts and all card product related parameters.

Visa and Mastercard network interfaces

Standard interfaces for online authorizations, clearing, settlement and dispute resolution operations (Base I / SMS, Base II, CIS, IPM).

Integration interfaces to external systems

A comprehensive set of APIs for connecting any system regardless of its tech environment (we support C/C++, Java, Python, Host-to-Host ISO8583 and REST API connectors).

A scalable Card Management System architecture

Card Management System is built on a scalable microservices architecture. Because of that, each Enduro/X node (deployed in VM or Docker container) provides microservices for Enduro/X Cluster.

Data exchange and interoperability between different microservices are ensured by Enduro/X, which was initially developed by D8 Corporation engineers and then spun off into a separate company (Mavimax, Ltd.). As a result, D8 Corporation became a strategic OEM partner of Mavimax, with full access to Enduro/X source codes. 

Embedded Enduro/X services manage mission-critical processes, such as transaction queues, multi-node load balancing (for cluster deployments), XATMI interfaces, multi-threaded event management, and other processes.

Card Management System functional modules

Take a closer look at what each module of the Card Management System is responsible for and can take care of in your payment cards infrastructure. 

Card Management System Authorization Core/Switch

The Authorization Core is central to almost any Card Management System installation and provides essential services such as transaction logging, transaction routing, and encryption operations. Moreover, it encompasses components for seamless communication over TCP/IP and a standard clearing transaction format based on common standards.

In addition, the module incorporates comprehensive administration functionality to managing users and user groups in the Online GUI. The Authorization Core excels in handling multiple currencies and is designed to operate in a multi-tenant mode, serving multiple clients from a single system installation – making it the ideal choice for supporting processing businesses.

The Authorization core module also manages keys that are encrypted and stored by HSM devices. As an OEM Gold partner of Thales, D8 Corporation can offer Thales payShield 10k HSMs bundled with this platform.

Card Management System CMS module

The CMS module provides issuers with a complete suite of functionality to configure card products, issue cards and efficiently manage their lifecycle. For this reason, all major card types (magstripe, EMV, contactless, virtual) are supported along with Debit, Credit, and Prepaid card product types. Complex, many-to-many customer/card and full multi-currency account relationships can be defined, thus enabling the issuance of travel, remittance, fuel and corporate card products.

Transaction routing and authorization by BIN ranges is configured in the module and contains default parameters that can be applied automatically to any card linked to that range.

Migration from other solutions is easily supported using our versatile import options. Our CMS module is packed with features designed to enhance card management and streamline procedures, whether you manage card production in-house or through an external card personalisation bureau.

Card Management System Device interfaces

A variety of interface protocols are available to seamlessly connect acceptance devices to the platform, encompassing traditional POS terminals, EPOS, Mobile and/or SoftPOS, Cashiers, ATMs, and Kiosk devices.

When it comes to POS acceptance devices, we provide flexible options. You can choose between our proprietary ISO8583-based specification, tailored to your specific needs, or opt for standard protocols like Hypercom. Additionally, we can deploy out REST API support, enabling direct, web-based communication for a more modern and efficient integration experience.

Likewise, the platform fully supports both NDC and DDC protocols for connecting ATMs, ensuring smooth compatibility with various ATM models and we can deliver online monitoring for your devices, keeping you informed of their real-time status and performance.

Card Management System Network interfaces

The platform supports online connections to major international card schemes including VISA and Mastercard in single or dual mode connections. Furthermore, we support the necessary clearing and settlement requirements for complete scheme certification and support.

Card Management System Integration interfaces

Our Card Management System provides out-of-the-box (D8 proprietary ISO8583 or REST API) interfaces for connecting to external systems, as well as supporting customer-specific requests on demand.

Card Management System complementary Solutions

Furthermore, the Card Management System provides native integration with all our other solutions, unlocking a world of advanced functionalities.

Card Management System Success Stories

Card processing Ukraine FI

Helping an emerging card acquirer in Ukraine to build their card processing ecosystem

In 2018, a growing Payment Service Provider (PSP) from Ukraine was in need of a partner to help establish their card processing infrastructure. Our client chose D8 due to our excellent competence in the field of payment cards and our impeccable reputation for getting things done.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a fully operational acquiring PSP infrastructure in 2 months’ time
✔︎ Built a full KYC, Merchant screening, and onboarding process internally

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