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Just like any other industry on the planet, payment card acquiring is also rapidly impacted by the ongoing digitization wave. Just 15 years ago, it was hardly imaginable for most people to go online, shop, and pay for their purchases with a payment card. Nowadays, we see the reversed trend – online shopping tends to replace in-store purchases more and more. All of this increased e-commerce activity requires connection to the reliable e-commerce acquiring platform for processing payments. 

E-Commerce space is growing

Another key thing to note is just how the e-commerce field has expanded in the last 10 years. This signals, that people are increasingly moving into digital shopping and by no means we can expect this trend to diminish anytime soon. In terms of business volume, this is also a lucrative opportunity, since the volume of online card transactions is on a steady rise. Naturally, as more and more users will start actively shopping online, this volume will rapidly grow.

There are not that many companies in e-commerce acquiring, that provide high-quality and low-cost online acquiring services. Sure, there are some big names, such as Adyen, and couple of others, but there also is plenty of room for small, more niche players in this space.

If you’re planning to launch your own acquiring services, you will absolutely need core software components to build your infrastructure. That’s where the Ecommerce Platform comes in.

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform – everything you need to launch your acquiring PSP

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform is a comprehensive solution, developed specifically for acquiring card transactions from e-commerce stores. With E-Commerce Acquiring Platform, you’ll be able to launch and offer your payment card acquiring service to the e-commerce store owners in no time!

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform makes entry into e-commerce acquiring services industry very easy, removing common obstacles, such as lack of technical expertise in this area within the organization, as well as ultra-tight budgets. It also will provide your organisation with all instruments you need to successfully operate an e-commerce acquiring business. For example, ready to use plugins for merchant web and mobile apps, e-commerce transaction gateway, 3D-Secure MPI plugin, as well as merchant portal application for e-commerce store owners and merchant management platform for your administrators.

This solution package also includes a set of API’s, flexible enough to connect to any switching engine in your infrastructure, any 3-rd party switching system you might have or any external PSP. Our platform also seamlessly integrates with open e-commerce platforms for receiving transactions, such as Open Cart and CS Cart. 

Main components of the E-Commerce Acquiring Platform:

E-commerce Gateway

A high-throuhput gateway for collecting and streamlining CNP transactions to any acquiring switch.

Merchant Portal

A comprehensive portal for managing all merchant related activities - KYC, onboarding, transaction flow, chargebacks, etc.

3DSS Server

An acquiring-side 3D Secure component for invoking 3D Secure authentication requests according to EMVCo. ver.2 specification.

Explore E-Commerce Acquiring Platform modules

Take a peek into E-Commerce Acquiring Platform modules and how they create value for your acquiring business. 

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform - E-commerce gateway

E-commerce gateway is the core module of E-Commerce Acquiring Platform, that allows you to create merchant profiles and connect one or multiple online stores to each merchant profile. Merchant profiles can be created by hand in the configuration window, imported via file, or created through REST API. If you need a full-service online portal for onboarding and managing merchants, we also offer a Merchant Portal application for that.

E-commerce gateway has a customizable HTML plugin for integration into the merchants’ websites, that is fully certified to operate in Visa and Mastercard networks. Merchants are free to customize the design and appeal of the payments form to their customers. E-commerce gateway supports both direct card payments and payments through Paypal.

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform - Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal is a backoffice GUI component of E-Commerce Acquiring Platform that allows service providers to onboard merchants and for merchants to analyze their flow of transactions, as well as make configuration changes in E-commerce gateway, without accessing the gateway’s administrative console.

After being onboarded and granted access to the portal, merchants can see real time analytics on the transaction flows that are processed through the gateway, manage transaction statuses, send representment, reversal, chargeback messages, as well as manage their commission structures.

Merchant Portal is a multi-tenant system, perfectly suitable for service providers who want to offer acquiring services to banks or holding companies that might have dozens of different merchants that they want to connect to the system.

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform - 3DSS Server

3DSS Server is an acquiring-side component for invoking 3D Secure authentication requests, using EMVCo. ver.2 protocol. It seamlessly delivers authentication requests to the customer (whenever card issuer challenges the transaction) and offers flexible options for embedding authentication forms into merchants' websites, creating a cohesive experience.

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform complementary Solutions​

Furthermore, E-Commerce Acquiring Platform provides native integration with all our other solutions, unlocking a world of advanced functionalities.

License or SaaS commercial models available

We cater to the broad spectrum of organizations, from large and established banks to small and nimble startups. 

Regardless of how well-established is your organization, you can take advantage of E-Commerce Acquiring Platform – just start with SaaS installation and as your business grows, you can always switch to an in-house license later.

System migration from SaaS to in-house is seamless, thanks to configuration management features that allow you to migrate system configurations from one installation to another with only a few clicks.

E-Commerce Acquiring Platform Success Stories


Helping Georgian Bank enter Georgia’s e-commerce industry

In 2021, Georgia was experiencing strong growth in demand for e-commerce purchases, with e-commerce purchases’ share in the total consumer spending rising rapidly. A prominent Georgian Bank wanted to capture some of that growth and needed a reliable partner to build e-commerce acquiring infrastructure.

Project results:
✔︎ Quickly launched the system within 4 months
✔︎ Custom integrations created with bank’s onboarding system

Learn more
Card processing Ukraine FI

Helping an emerging card acquirer in Ukraine to build their card processing ecosystem

In 2018, a growing Payment Service Provider (PSP) from Ukraine was in need of a partner to help establish their card processing infrastructure. Our client chose D8 due to our excellent competence in the field of payment cards and our impeccable reputation for getting things done.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a fully operational acquiring PSP infrastructure in 2 months’ time
✔︎ Built a full KYC, Merchant screening, and onboarding process internally

Learn more
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