FIS Cortex

Cortex is a multi-functional processing system that provides the issuance and service of debit cards and other miscellaneous cards. By applying the principles of modern open architecture, the modular solution of Cortex system guarantees scaling options, high performance rate and compatibility with other current systems, such as Core Banking Systems (CBS). Cortex systems create effective processing centres that service multiple countries under one system installation. The system improves organization’s inner processes and makes its services more user friendly for individual clients of the company.


The system provides issuance of various payment cards – debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, prepaid cards, cards for specific payments (such as petrol) – that are based on one platform which aids in automation of a life cycle of a payment card – its issuance and activation, usage monitoring and closing of the card. The advantages for a business in having simple and convenient issuance of payment cards are, for example, more opportunities in creating new and more elaborate products, thus increasing market share, followed by additional profits, potential customer attraction, fast return on capital investments, scaling, flexible adaptation and much more.


Cortex is designed for solving different types of tasks – in-house, interbank, national, and petrol processing operations. The Network Management module puts in effect functionality that is necessary for regional network interaction, payment card issuing associations and processors. In providing authorization, clearing and payments for Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, it complies with the highest standards of these organizations. Also, Cortex provides national processing, providing interfaces for local banks in card transaction authorization and clearing.

Channel management

Cortex supports accepting payment cards and processing transactions with various devices, such as ATMs, self-serve bank booths and usage of POS terminals. To ensure the security of payment cards and secure payments, Cortex has an integrated D8 StrongHold system that identifies and prevents suspicious and fraudulent activities and transactions. Also, Cortex system can be conveniently linked with D8 Infinity – a secure, convenient, flexible and remote platform for channel management, e.g. providing organization’s clients with 3D-Secure function and EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) personalization options. In combination with loyalty programme management system D8 PointZone, Cortex aids in maintaining Customer Relationship Management (CMR) processes.

Cortex integration with Core Banking Systems allows its users to use complete interfaces with various applications, thus increasing the overall flexibility of system exploitation and options for adaption, which ensures satisfaction of all individual and unique organization requirements. D8 Corporation is a privileged FIS representative for an USA corporation in the region, offering the customers developed Cortex software that is compatible with Core Banking Systems or other transaction processing systems.

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