D8 HCE Payments

What is D8 HCE Payments

HCE (Host Card Emulation) is a new technology for emulating contact-less card by using smartphone with NFC antenna. This technology enables mobile phone to act as a contactless card and allows clients to make payments for purchases by using their smartphone.

This is very convenient option, since you can forget your card or wallet at home, but your smartphone is always with you!

HCE Payments

HCE Payments consists of following components

Mobile application Server-side logic Gateway for integration with Issuer’s Processing System

Main features of HCE Payments

Contactless cards (EMV or mag. Stripe) emulation by HCE compatible smartphone Cards data is not stored in smartphone Safe storage of transaction data and other confidential data of HCE application

Cards data lifecycle management Multiple cards support on a single device with ability to choose Ability to block all mobile cards in cases, when smartphone is lost

Protection from unauthorized use by using password No needs to issue a new card – mobile cards are created as childs for the original plastic card

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