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D8 Infinity is a multi-channel platform for remote services that has been developed by D8 Corporation. It is a secure, convenient and multi-functional solution for developing and providing services, giving its user an opportunity to manage existing remote service channels through one united administrative interface, manage all customer and business processes (e.g. contract control, customer relationship management, risk management), as well as add new channels and define levels of access to various users within the module platform.

D8 Infinity remote service channel creation and management assists in scaling down financial risks for various organizations, such as banks, processing centres, customs and different businesses. It saves time and resources by introducing new products and services, and its current offers can be customized. By choosing D8 Infinity, banks can provide secure ease of access to bank accounts and services to customers through a wide range of remote channels and services – online banking, mobile banking, phone banking, various applications for smart phones and tablets, and much more. All channels can be integrated with any Core Banking System (CBS) or other systems that process transactions and documents.


The main advantages of using D8 Infinity are the organization’s ability to provide its clients with one common user name for all remote access channels and a general access for managing all remote services – access to accounts, transaction limits, etc. Also, customers can be segmented for creating personalized offers and remote access channels can be integrated in loyalty programmes, but most importantly all risk management can be carried out for all remote access channels, both in a bundle and individually.


D8 Infinity platform is universal – its implementation and integration is convenient and flexible both when it is used for creating an infrastructure and when it is used for updating an existing remote services system. It enables simultaneous data exchange for multiple information systems and maintains on-line data processing in real time. The flexibility of D8 Infinity allows the company to improve and modernize its infrastructure without significant additional costs.


When used together with the loyalty programme’s management system D8 PointZone, D8 Infinity enables customer segmentation, evaluation of their activity, development of individual offers and loyalty plans for each customer, and bringing these offers through remote channels, as well as provides easy management of these loyalty programmes.

D8 Infinity has an integrated D8 StrongHold system that monitors and identifies suspicious and fraudulent activities and transactions. Its security policy can be adapted to all D8 Infinity channels – ATMs, online banking, POS terminals, mobile banking, etc.

D8 Corporation guarantees support throughout D8 Infinity exploitation and offers consultations on updating and expanding the software.

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