D8 PointZone

D8 PointZone is a universal loyalty management system that allows businesses of various fields (e.g. banks, retail businesses) to introduce, manage and maintain different customer loyalty plans and programmes, which encourage the customer to take advantage of additional services, such as shopping with certain retailers and accumulating loyalty points with every purchase made by payment card.

D8 PointZone processes all transactions in real time, accumulates points and converts them within the loyalty programme, provides on-line maintenance of accounts and remote access, issuance and service of loyalty cards, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer behaviour analysis. The processing of transactions in real time allows the system to send the customer information on accumulated loyalty points via e-mail or SMS. Also, the information can be used via POS terminals, reflecting it on the receipt of the purchase.


The advantage of D8 PointZone is its modular structure and flexibility which gives the user the opportunity to individually adapt the system, creating and managing an across-the-board loyalty management programme that can be tailored to different businesses. Also, D8 PointZone supports the adding of personalized elements to the system, expanding and improving the existing loyalty management programmes.

Integration and functionality

Loyalty management system D8 PointZone integration with remote access channels, such as processing systems or Core Banking System (CBS), online banking or POS terminals, allow the customer – both an individual and a business – to conveniently follow up with the loyalty status, accumulated points, offers for using the points, calculating discounts for purchases and make new purchases with the points within the programme. D8 PointZone can be connected with a wide range of remote access channels that are provided with remote access module D8 Infinity – phone banking, SMS banking, mobile applications, etc.

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency of the operation of the loyalty programme is provided by integrating D8 PointZone in real time with bank card processing systems, e.g. FIS Cortex. Secure transaction monitoring is provided by D8 StrongHold systems that are used for D8 PointZone support system and that identify and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time.

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