D8 StrongHold

D8 StrongHold is a system for identifying and preventing fraudulent and suspicious transactions that are processed in a bank payment system from various remote banking channels – internet bank, mobile bank, ATMs, card transactions, internet payments etc.

During event analysis D8 StrongHold automatically performs event evaluation, based on pre-defined risk rules.

For example, D8 StrongHold is able to detect uncharacteristic user payments by evaluating monetary amount of transaction, payment receiver, time of day the operation is performed, and any other action, made from user account via internet banking system.


D8 StrongHold can be integrated with any remote banking system – internet bank, mobile bank, card processing, and other systems.

D8 StrongHold is able to receive and process various types of events, such as user logging into internet bank, money transfers, parameter changes in payment templates, changes in user account settings etc.

Risk Rules

Rule Manager functionality ensures risk rule creation and development. By using Rule Manager, system user can define and/or change risk rules without IT support assistance, i.e., without system developer or bank IT specialist involvement.

Special programming skills are not required even when creating most complex risk rules.

There are two types of risk rules:

  1. Online risk rules for protecting bank payment system from suspicious transactions; averting fraudulent transactions;
  2. Offline risk rules for identifying suspicious transactions.

Examples of D8 StrongHold Risk Rules:

  • User attempt to login into internet banking system with incorrect password;
  • User activity from different IP addresses within definite time interval;
  • Usage of uncharacteristic software during internet bank session;
  • User activity during uncharacteristic time of the day;
  • Uncharacteristic currency or beneficiary country;
  • Uncharacteristic customer payment activity in definite period of time;
  • Money transfer without using templates or payment history;
  • Transfer of all customer funds from account;
  • Payment amount exceeds average payment amount within definite period of time;
  • Parameter changes in payment template, for example, changed beneficiary or notably changed monetary amount of payment;
  • Payment template created and deleted in a short period of time;
  • Deletion of payment template after unsuccessful attempt to make payment on basis of particular template;
  • New payment receiver added;
  • Text messaging notifications turned off before payment.


D8 StrongHold Statistics Module enables system to sum up and store statistical data on any attribute of event or group of attributes. Thus the system allows to create model of typical user behaviour.

While performing event analysis, system in real time mode analyses content, in details – event attribute meaning, for this purpose system uses collected statistical data. In order to evaluate the suspiciousness of authorization, the system uses both scoring method, when points are summed after checking chain of risk rules, and binary method.

Action and Further Analysis

If a risk rule identifies deviance from typical user behaviour or fraudulent action features, D8 StrongHold reacts immediately during event evaluation process by marking the event as suspicious or rejecting transaction.

Suspicious events are included in special list; risk analyst can perform further event analysis of list entries. After analysis the event can be marked with specific status, for example, Fraud, Genuine, Test, and Investigation.

System D8 StrongHold provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management) function and option to send short text messages and/or email letters informing users and/or risk analysts about most important events.


D8 Stronghold system ensures statistics collection on various parameters for defined period of time. The results of the statistics are being used for creating and/or changing risk rules, evaluating events, modelling customer behaviour patterns etc.


D8 StrongHold Reports Manager is used for reporting tasks. If required, system user can create new reports and change existing ones by using D8 StrongHold integration with JasperReports®.

Standard set of reports includes:

  • Reports on the effectiveness of fraudulent event identification methods;
  • Reports on total and average number of fraudulent events, total and average monetary amount of fraudulent payments, as well as ratio amongst various parameters;
  • Reports on all user fraudulent events etc.


System D8 StrongHold complies with PCI DSS standards and regulations on IS security and remote banking payment risk monitoring and management, issued by Latvian Regulator, Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC).

D8 StrongHold can be integrated with other D8 Corporation products – D8 Infinity, D8 PointZone, FIS Cortex, as well as with any other system that processes transactions and events in online mode.

System Requirements

D8 StrongHold requires ORACLE Standard Edition data base, not lower than version 10. Intel platform is required for hardware. Supported operating systems: LINUX, Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX.

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