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Delegate your financial infrastructure management to the professionals

When you purchase enterprise-level systems, it’s not enough to choose the best software product. At D8 Corporation, we offer some of the best financial technology solutions on the market (check out our Gate2Bank solution catalog), both in terms of their functionality and performance they demonstrate with minimum hardware resources. But even our solutions might disappoint you if the underlying infrastructure you install them on is poorly managed (imprecise version compatibility tracking for solution components, lack of proper real-time health monitoring and alerts, or just general incompetence or negligence of IT administrators).

Throughout 20 years of experience, providing product support to many of our clients, we’ve found that over 60% of all registered product support issues turned out to be infrastructure-related and not product related. In other words – the product code was working as it should, but deteriorating performance and downtime were the results of poor infrastructure management.

Since we work a lot with smaller-sized and startup institutions, many of them being in developing countries, a lot of times these institutions might be simply understaffed or experience serious challenges in attracting and retaining skilled professionals.

Fully understanding it, in 2015 we launched the SLA services department to help our clients integrate software and hardware in one cohesive stack to maximize the value they are getting from our solutions.

So what is D8 SLA services?

SLA services is a professional IT monitoring and administration team, located in our HQ in Riga, Latvia (GMT +2/+3 zones) and serving clients all across the geography we cover.

SLA services team remotely monitors all IT infrastructure systems, from servers to databases, and is able to detect any issues with the underlying IT infrastructure almost instantly. Upon detecting any issues, SLA services team can either inform you about the issues and let your administrators handle them, or handle the issue themselves in an agreed service time.

SLA services department is PCI DSS certified and is fully prepared to work with high TPS payment card processors that work with sensitive payment card data. You can validate our PCI DSS certification here.

All of our Gate2Bank solutions that we offer in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment already include infrastructure support of our SLA services department and are the best option to start with for smaller and startup institutions.

Our areas of competence

We’ve assembled a team of IT professionals with years of experience working with enterprise-level networking, server, storage, UPS, and backup hardware equipment. Our team also has experts in infrastructure software – Unix OS administration, monitoring software (NetXMS, Zabbix, Grafana), database administration (Oracle, PostgreSQL), and clustering solutions on different platforms (Oracle and other).

On top of that, our unique niche experience and deep knowledge of business software in finance, banking, and payment card industries allow our experts to better uncover and anticipate potential infrastructure vulnerabilities and conflicts between multiple solution components, thus creating a durable competitive advantage over traditional “do it all” outsourced IT teams.

Not to mention the fact that we know our Gate2Bank solutions better than any other infrastructure administrator you might hire, and there is also seamless integration between our product support and SLA services departments, thus saving up valuable time on inter-organizational communication.

Our core expertise




Data Storages

Financial software

Back up libraries


Payments infrastructure

Service level Tiers

SLA services offer is divided into several tiers, to provide more options and best serve the needs of different clients.

Tier 1. Monitoring system set-up

This Tier is best suited for those institutions that have an in-house team of trusted and competent IT administrators, but they lack proper monitoring solutions to timely detect any issues with the systems. In this case, within just one week, our experts will audit your infrastructure, and deploy and properly configure a monitoring system, based on the NetXMS platform. If you’re purchasing any Gate2Bank solution from us, Tier 1 SLA can be included in the project deliverables. Within a week, your IT administrators will start gaining deep real-time insights into the availability and performance of Gate2Bank solutions we’ve deployed.

Tier 2. Full-service monitoring

If, however, you currently do not have any resources to assemble a monitoring team or your IT administrators are simply overburdened with work, Tier 2 SLA is perfect for you. Tier 2 SLA includes not only the installation of monitoring software to collect information about the availability and performance of your systems but also remote monitoring of all systems by our SLA services monitoring team. Our monitoring team works 24/7 and reports any observed issues within 15 minutes of their occurrence. Reporting is done through the ticketing system and your IT administrators can begin diagnosing the problem immediately after receiving an issue ticket.

Tier 3. Remote infrastructure administration

This is our most comprehensive offering and includes not only everything that we offer in Tier 1 and Tier 2, but also a multi-skilled team of IT administrators on stand-by, who are ready to begin diagnosing and solving the issue right after it has been reported by the monitoring team. We negotiate reaction time on reported incidents with each client, depending on the required availability level. Choosing Tier 3 SLA allows you to fully delegate infrastructure management to the D8 SLA services team and take advantage of our niche knowledge and expertise.

Follow along with everything we do

Regardless of which Tier you choose, we will enable a web-based dashboard for you, where your employees can follow along with any activity in the system and see what our team sees. This would allow you not only to understand better what is happening in your infrastructure but also to monitor the quality of the services we provide.

Are you ready to make a move?

Delegating the administration of your IT infrastructure to a service provider is a big decision, we understand. And we are ready to answer any questions and address any concerns to help you make that decision. Just contact us and our representative will get in touch with you.

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