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Don’t force your customers choose another financial service provider

Does your business experience an increased attrition rate? Customers leave your company for another financial service provider and you cannot really grasp why? This is the common challenge many financial service providers face today!

Today we live in a world of oversaturation with products and services in just about any industry, with financial services and banking certainly not being an exception. According to the recent KPMG research, over 200 financial service providers emerged globally in 2017 alone, and this number is predicted to increase in the coming years. Such a highly competitive landscape creates and abundance of choice for the end consumer, at the same time putting enormous pressure on financial service providers to ensure highest possible availability and quality of their services, if they want to remain in business in the coming years.

Hence, even one slightest inconvenience could be enough to motivate the end consumer to switch to another financial service provider. One of the key aspects of any digital financial service, before we even start discussing any user interface usability, financial terms offered, etc. is availability of the service itself at all times. Just imagine this scenario – you, as a consumer, have a pressing need to buy something and pay for it using your mobile. You open up your banking application and … you see this

One such occasion might be enough to motivate you to start searching for another financial service provider. And if you’re tougher than most people and one occasion is not enough for you – two or three will be enough. And when it happens, all those hard earned marketing dollars, that you have invested in building customer loyalty, will just vanish in a thin air.

According to the recent study by Statista, more than 90% of IT directors at large enterprises report that just one hour of of infrastructure downtime costs their business anywhere between $200,000 and $5,000,000 of lost customer lifetime value. And this is not counting any residual losses, that are simply hard to quantify (such as loss of brand equity).

What if you spent just a fraction of this sum on simple, but impactful improvements to your existing IT infrastructure monitoring processes, so that you didn’t have to join the majority of IT directors that report such large losses in their bottom lines?

D8 SLA Services at your service

D8 SLA Services is a separate company in D8 Corporation group of companies, that is dedicated exclusively to providing high quality infrastructure monitoring, SLA and administration services for organizations of different sizes, ranging from small startups to large international corporations.

Our goal is to make sure, that all of your financial services are up and running without any interruptions at all times, 365/24/7. One of the key differentiating points of D8 SLA Services is that we can guarantee 99.986% of system availability and very fast reaction time to any incident or problem with your systems. You can be sure that within 5 minutes from the incident, our infrastructure professionals will be already on it, looking for ways to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Our core expertise

We have been in this business for more that 8 years now, and during this time we have developed a profound expertise in the following areas




Data Storages

Financial software

Back up libraries


Payments infrastructure

Service levels

Our service offering is very flexible and can be adapted to individual needs of any organization. Over the years, we have developed 3 general service levels that cover most of the needs of our clients

Level 1. Monitoring system set-up

This is an excellent opportunity for those clients that have enough internal personnel to cover all aspects of daily monitoring, SLA and administration tasks, but currently do not have any monitoring solution in place. At this service level, within just one week, our specialists will audit your infrastructure, deploy and properly configure a monitoring system, based on NetXMS platform. In the following week, your monitoring specialists will start gaining deep real-time insights about the availability and performance of your financial systems.

Level 2. Full-service monitoring

If your organization do not have sufficient IT resources in-house to monitor performance of your IT systems, or you simply do not want to invest in training your people on how to work with the monitoring platform, you can delegate all of these tasks to D8 SLA team. In this case, we will not only install a monitoring system in your infrastructure, but also will set up a dedicated team, that will be responsible for day-to-day monitoring of your infrastructure and reporting any issues or problems to your administrators immediately. Your administrators can then search for the problem cause and possible solutions.

Level 3. Full-service monitoring, SLA and remote administration

This option is meant for those organizations, that have very small or non-existent IT departaments, with very limited resources, and need a trusted partner who could take care of everything related to your financial systems infrastructure. In this case, we will not only monitor your infrastructure, but also resolve all issues in an agreed timeframe, communicate with third-party solution vendors on your behalf when necessary, and administer all of your financial systems.

You can follow along

Regardless of which level you’ll choose, you’ll be able to follow along our work in real-time, because can also configure a web-based status panel for you, that will be available to your employees through any web-browser of choice and will reveal everything that is happening within your infrastructure in real time.

Still hesitate?

We understand that this is a big decision for you, so hesitation is absolutely normal. That’s why we’re here to help you make a good decision! Just fill in the form below and our representative will contact you and address all your concerns as soon as possible.

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