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Financial industry is one industry we exclusively focus on. Within this industry, we cater to different segments.

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From the very foundation, D8 Corporation has always been focusing exclusively on the financial industry. We purposefully selected segments in this industry where our competences and expertise could create the most value for our clients, at the same 

time making the biggest impact in the financial industry in general. The segment list we cater to is not exhaustive and we are always looking for fresh ideas where we could branch out to next and create even more value. 

Why segment expertise is critical

Compliance requirements

This one is especially true for payment cards segment, but equally applicable to other segments we work with as well. Vendors working with a certain segment should know and be compliant with the regulatory and professional associations' requirements.

Segment parlance

It's not enough to be an experts in certain technologies and frameworks. You also have to understand the business parlance of the people you will be working with. Hence understanding segment specifics is important, even for outstaffing services.

Best practices

In any segment, certain best practices are widely known to people working in that segment. It is nearly impossible to build an excellent quality product without fully being aware of the best practices, methods and tools used by others within that segment.

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