Payment Acquiring Platform

Your gateway to the payment cards networks.

Next generation payment acquiring platform

Our Payment Acquiring Platform is a cornerstone for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital payments arena. It offers a seamless, secure transaction journey, markedly enhancing acquirer operations. Acquirers benefit from our robust, scalable solutions, designed to streamline payment processing. Our platform’s advanced security measures ensure each transaction is safe, building trust and satisfaction among your clients.

Integration with our Payment Acquiring Platform opens doors to diverse payment methods, expanding market reach and opportunities. Its intuitive design simplifies operations, allowing acquirers to focus on strategic growth rather than technical complexities. The platform’s real-time analytics provide valuable insights, optimizing payment processing and enhancing decision-making processes.

Thanks to the microservices architecture, our system offers a range of redundancy cluster configurations out of the box, including multi-node Active-Active clusters, guaranteeing maximum system availability at all times.

Payment Acquiring Platform functional modules consist of the following:

Payment Switch

For seamless host-to-host and payment network connections and routing large volumes of transactions.

Device interfaces (POS, ATM, mPOS, softPOS)

For connecting your mix of on the ground and portable acquiring devices with remote management capabilities.

Payment Gateway

For collecting and streamlining transactions from different e-commerce stores, using a set of merchant plugins.

Visa and Mastercard network interfaces

Standard interfaces for online authorizations, clearing, settlement and dispute resolution operations (Base I / SMS, Base II, CIS, IPM).

Integration interfaces to external systems

A comprehensive set of APIs for connecting any system regardless of its tech environment (we support C/C++, Java, Python, Host-to-Host ISO8583 and REST API connectors).

Vendor agnostic Payment Acquiring Platform

The Payment Acquiring Platform stands out in the fintech space for its remarkable vendor-agnostic capability, a feature that significantly broadens its appeal and utility across the financial services industry. It is designed to ensure seamless integration with POS terminals and ATMs from any vendor, empowering acquirers with unparalleled flexibility and choice.

Unlike solutions tethered to specific hardware or software ecosystems, this platform champions an open approach, inviting a diverse array of equipment and systems to connect without the friction often encountered in multi-vendor environments. Multiple vendor-specific ISO8583 versions are supported, along with support for both NDC and DDC ATM protocols. 

Moreover, the our platform not only simplifies operational logistics by streamlining the integration of diverse payment terminals but also provides convenient controls over these devices from administration GUI. 

For the best ATM & POS monitoring results, we have a seamless integration with an enterprise ATM Monitoring Platform from our technology partner, NetXMS. 

Payment Acquiring Platform functional modules

Take a closer look at what each module of the Payment Acquiring Platform is responsible for and can take care of in your acquiring infrastructure. 

Payment Acquiring Platform Switch

The Switch is central to any Payment Acquiring Platform installation and provides essential services such as transaction logging, transaction routing, and encryption operations. Moreover, it encompasses components for seamless communication over TCP/IP and a standard clearing transaction format based on common standards.

In addition, the module incorporates comprehensive administration functionality to managing users and user groups in the Online GUI. The Switch excels in handling multiple currencies and is designed to operate in a multi-tenant mode, serving multiple clients from a single system installation – making it the ideal choice for supporting processing businesses.

Transaction routing and authorization by BIN ranges is configured in the module and contains default parameters that can be applied automatically to any card linked to that range.

Payment Acquiring Platform Gateway

A payment gateway serves as a crucial intermediary between merchants and the Switch system, enabling secure and efficient online transaction processing. Key features include robust encryption for data security, ensuring sensitive information is securely transmitted.

It supports multiple payment methods, catering to a global audience's preferences, and integrates seamlessly with various e-commerce platforms for a smooth user experience. Real-time transaction processing offers immediate feedback on payment acceptance or denial, while fraud detection tools help mitigate potential risks.

Additionally, comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights into purchasing trends and customer behavior, empowering merchants with data to optimize their sales strategies.

Payment Acquiring Platform Device interfaces

A variety of interface protocols are available to seamlessly connect acceptance devices to the platform, encompassing traditional POS terminals, EPOS, Mobile and/or SoftPOS, Cashiers, ATMs, and Kiosk devices.

When it comes to POS acceptance devices, we provide flexible options. You can choose between our proprietary ISO8583-based specification, tailored to your specific needs, or opt for standard protocols like Hypercom. Additionally, we can deploy out REST API support, enabling direct, web-based communication for a more modern and efficient integration experience.

Likewise, the platform fully supports both NDC and DDC protocols for connecting ATMs, ensuring smooth compatibility with various ATM models and we can deliver online monitoring for your devices, keeping you informed of their real-time status and performance.

Payment Acquiring Platform Network interfaces

The platform supports online connections to major international card schemes including VISA and Mastercard in single or dual mode connections. Furthermore, we support the necessary clearing and settlement requirements for complete scheme certification and support.

Payment Acquiring Platform Integration interfaces

Our Payment Acquiring Platform provides out-of-the-box (D8 proprietary ISO8583 or REST API) interfaces for connecting to external systems, as well as supporting customer-specific requests on demand.

Payment Acquiring Platform complementary Solutions

Furthermore, the Payment Acquiring Platform provides native integration with all our other solutions, unlocking a world of advanced functionalities.

Payment Acquiring Platform Success Stories

Card processing Ukraine FI

Helping an emerging card acquirer in Ukraine to build their card processing ecosystem

In 2018, a growing Payment Service Provider (PSP) from Ukraine was in need of a partner to help establish their card processing infrastructure. Our client chose D8 due to our excellent competence in the field of payment cards and our impeccable reputation for getting things done.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a fully operational acquiring PSP infrastructure in 2 months’ time
✔︎ Built a full KYC, Merchant screening, and onboarding process internally

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