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Real-time behavioural analytics solutions for automating risks and compliance.

We focus on delivering real-time risks and compliance solutions that cover the riskiest part of any digital service today – the customer. It’s no secret that social engineering schemes are the #1 threat for any financial institution and the main source of all fraud-related expenses. To uncover trails of social engineering schemes and effectively combat them, any organization that offers digital services (payment cards, tokens, mobile apps, wallets, etc.) today needs a powerful solution that analyzes all customer activity across channels in real-time. And that’s exactly what we specialize in. 

Real-time risks and compliance solutions for your FI

Today’s volume and growth of digital activity make it absolutely impossible to track customer activity manually. And even with automated solutions in place, it’s not always possible to achieve the desired speed and depth of the analysis. 

We’ve developed a range of risks and compliance solutions to address the real-time needs of modern, digital-first organizations. Our StrongHold Fraud Prevention Platform helps you form a holistic picture of customer activity across all digital channels. Our Anti Money Laundering Platform helps you automate a great deal of routine AML and Compliance tasks. 

Monitoring customer behaviour in real-time

Are you pressed by your management to reduce fraud-related costs? Was your institution recently fined by your local regulator for non-compliance and you’re actively looking for a solution to get compliant with regulatory requirements? Or are you just looking

for ways to gain insights into how your customers are using your services to learn more about them? In any of these cases, our solutions can help you resolve the issues by introducing real-time behavioral analytics in your daily operations. 

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