Managed Services

Experiencing difficulties hiring qualified IT people? We have a team of IT experts, ready to manage your IT infrastructure remotely.

Professional Managed Services team at a fraction of the cost​

Any software product is only as good as the foundation which it is based on. Our Managed Services team will help you keep that foundation solid at all times.

In this case, a foundation is the IT infrastructure of your organization. If IT infrastructure is managed poorly (updates are not made in time, access controls are not properly set, etc.), it will severely impact the operating performance of your payments infrastructure and, ultimately, the quality of digital services you provide to your clients. 

Recruiting and motivating a professional IT team can be costly, not to mention the time investment it takes to do it successfully. If your organization finds it challenging to recruit and retain high quality IT people, our team can help. 

Managed Services is a team of IT monitoring and administration professionals, providing full spectrum of remote infrastructure administration services, from monitoring of all systems 24/7 to full outsourcing of IT infrastructure maintenance. 

Whatever your needs might be, our team is here to help you address those needs effectively and at lower costs. 

Complete transparency of Managed Services

Managed Services department works under a complete transparency policy. All of our procedures and action protocols are documented, so you know in advance what our team is supposed to do in which case and in what timeframe. But that’s not everything. 

We also provide a full remote access to an individual BI dashboard, where each client can see current state of the infrastructure, all activity, any registered and outstanding issues, their resolution times and anything else that happens with the infrastructure in real-time. 

We guarantee a certain service level to every client and you have all the tools necessary to hold us accountable to our promises as a client. 

Professional tools used by our Managed Services team:

NetXMS Enterprise Monitoring

For monitoring availability, latency and other operational parameters across all systems in your infrastructure (servers, network devices, backup and storage equipment, etc.), our team uses NetXMS - a premier enterprise-grade infrastructure monitoring platform.

Grafana BI Dashboard

Our team uses Grafana for creating compelling charts and status visualizations of all activity in your infrastructure in real time. As our client, you will have access to Grafana Dashboard 24/7.

Managed Services We Offer

We offer every client a package of Managed Services, precisely tailored to their current business needs. Here’s a list of services that we can include in your package:

Managed Services - Infrastructure Monitoring 24/7

Our monitoring team is ready to connect your infrastructure elements to our centralized monitoring hub. Together with your administrators, we will set quality criteria and whenever your infrastructure deviates from them, our monitoring team will pick up on that and report observed issues to you in an agreed timeframe.

Managed Services - Remote Administration

Delegate all daily infrastructure administration and maintenance tasks to our team. With in-house experts in core technologies (like Oracle or PostgreSQL) databases, and established network of freelance experts, we can ensure high availability for your systems and access to the required talent on-demand.

Managed Services - Remote Backup & DR execution

Our team can also take charge in designing and executing all of the backup and DR procedures for you. With our team, you can be confident that if something does happen, our DR team knows exactly what to do and is ready to tackle the problem immediately.

Managed Services - IT Consulting

If you're looking for a team of experts to design your infrastructure or provide you with the expert advice in this area, our team is also ready to help.

Managed Services Success Stories

Corporate cards CIS processor

Building a corporate cards processing system for a national-scale customs payments system

In 2013, a customs payments processor from Russia approached us with an exciting opportunity – to help them build a corporate cards system for accepting customs payments quickly and with ease. Our client chose D8 as a reliable vendor that offered all required software components and services in a single package.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched corporate cards issuing system
✔︎ Built web & mobile portal apps for users to manage their card network

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