3D Secure Solution

Ultimate protection for your customers when shopping online.

Fewer abandoned carts, more revenue

Cardholders expect their shopping experience to be as seamless as possible. Any additional challenge that you ask them to complete during checkout increases the risk of losing that cardholder to another bank. 3D Secure Solution is optimized for the modern, omni-channel e-commerce world, where customers might be shopping from different devices and platforms.

EMVCo. 3D Secure ver.2 also is fully compliant with PSD2 and SCA recommendations and is proven by Visa to reduce cart abandonments by 70%. Introducing EMVCo. 3D Secure ver.2 means better customer experience and more authentication customization options for your merchants. Every merchant wants to ensure that the customer’s authentication process is smoothly integrated into the overall brand experience and with EMVCo. 3D Secure ver.2 merchants have full control over the experience the authentication screen delivers.

Discover the power of RBA authentication with 3D Secure Solution

Our solution employs the RBA (Risk Based Authentication) principle. RBA allows card issuers to independently define rules, when and how they want to challenge transactions with additional authentication (if at all). 

Our issuer side EMV ACS component collects more than 100 transaction fingerprint parameters and decides in real-time, whether transaction is risky enough to warrant additional challenge. As a result, most transactions are completed without any unnecessary authentication, not creating any unnecessary friction in the customer experience. 

Our Administration dashboard allows system administrators to fully utilize the power of RBA by changing RBA settings whenever necessary on the fly. 

Issuing and Acquiring components of 3D Secure Solution:

3DSS Server

Acquiring side module for initiating and processing authentication requests.


Issuing side module, harnessing full power of RBA authentication, multi-factor environment and offering rich challenge screen configuration options.

Benefits of introducing 3D Secure Solution

Besides the fact that 3D Secure ver.2 is now mandatory for all merchants, e-commerce PSPs and card issuers, it also renders some important business benefits. 

3D Secure Solution - At least 85% of authentications are frictionless

At least 85% of clients conduct the transaction immediately, without any additional authentication needed. The fewer cardholders experience additional steps during their purchases, the bigger the chance that they will continue using your cards in the future.

3D Secure Solution - Cart abandonment rate decrease by at least 70%

Projected improvement of cart abandonment rate by at least 70%, which improves merchants' revenues and increases the chance they'll continue using your acquiring services.

3D Secure Solution - Full compliance with PSD2

Full compliance with mandates of international organizations, such as PSD2 and Visa/Mastercard 3D Secure implementation mandates.

3D Secure Solution complementary solutions

Furthermore, 3D Secure Solution provides native integration with all our other solutions, unlocking a world of advanced functionalities.

License or SaaS commercial models available

We cater to the broad spectrum of organizations, from large and established banks to small and nimble startups. 

Regardless of how well-established is your organization, you can take advantage of 3D Secure Solution – just start with SaaS installation and as your business grows, you can always switch to an in-house license later.

System migration from SaaS to in-house is seamless, thanks to configuration management features that allow you to migrate system configurations from one installation to another with only a few clicks.

3D Secure Solution Success Stories


Upgrading 3D Secure system

In early 2023, our client was planning an upgrade of their 3D Secure infrastructure to the latest version of EMVCo. standard, supporting RBA and frictionless authentication principles.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully migrated from EMVCo.ver.1 to ver.2
✔︎ Successfully launched ED Secure as-a-service

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Helping a bank in Latvia migrate to 3D Secure 2

In 2021, a prominent Latvian bank was planning a migration from the outdated 3D Secure ver.1 standard to the newest major version 3D Secure ver.2, and was looking for a 3D Secure software vendor who would help them make the transition.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully migrated to the latest version of EMVCo. 3D Secure
✔︎ Improved the cardholders’ shopping experience

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