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We develop strategic partnerships with the best technology vendors and industry associations to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients.

We work in an industry that is defined by industry standards. That’s why it’s paramount that we comply with all standards that are related to the industry segments we serve. Some of our solutions require certain 3-rd party components (for example, hardware encryption with HSMs) for full adherence to the industry standards.

We partner with the best 3-rd party vendors to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients from a single source, eliminating the hassle of managing relationships with multiple vendors within the same project. 

Who we typically partner with?

At D8 Corporation, we always strive to find the best solution possible for our clients. Oftentimes, clients require us to deliver functionality that lies outside of our core expertise and core focus of our solutions. 

We typically partner with the best niche solution vendors, whose solutions complement ours in a beneficial way. Typically, these niche vendors are either helping us broaden our solutions’ functionality to the extent client requires, or making us the single point of contact for the necessary third-party components that clients will have to purchase anyways. 

Our Certifications & Partnerships


PCI DSS Compliance

The goal of PCI DSS is to introduce a common framework for secure storage and processing of the sensitive payment cards data.  

D8 Corporation is fully compliant with all PCI DSS requirements and is certified to deploy its solutions in a PCI DSS certified infrastructures, as well as fully manage such infrastructures remotely. 


EMVCo. Approval

EMVCo. is on a mission to facilitate the worldwide interoperability of secure payment transactions by developing and publishing the EMV® Specifications and their related testing processes.

EMVCo. Approval means that certain solutions we offer were independently evaluated by EMVCo. officers and met all standard’s requirements. 


Mastercard Engage

Mastercard Engage is a technology partnership program, listing all vendors who have successfully developed solutions/connectors to Mastercard’s digital payments ecosystem. 

D8 Corporation is the member of Mastercard Engage and has certified interfaces to Mastercard MDES Cloud-Based Tokenization Service. 


Visa Partner

Visa Partner is a technology partnership program for vendors that are building solutions in Visa digital payments ecosystem. 

D8 Corporation is a member of Visa Ready and is a certified TR-TSP solution vendor. 


Latvian IT Cluster Member

We are also a proud member of Latvian IT Cluster – an organization that helps spread the word about Latvia and Latvian companies into the world.


Oracle Partner

We partner with Oracle, mainly as an OEM partner, to deliver the best enterprise level database solutions bundled with our software to our corporate clients. 


Thales OEM Gold​

We partner with Thales as an OEM Gold level partner, focused on delivering the best cryptographic solutions for payments, bundled with our payment card software. 

network label vertical

NetXMS OEM Partner​​

We partner with NetXMS as an OEM partner, focused on extending the monitoring capabilities of our Card Management Platform with enterprise level monitoring solutions. 


Mavimax OEM Partner

We partner with Mavimax as an OEM partner to deliver stellar scalability and performance by using their middleware across all solutions we offer.

NETInfo logo

NETinfo OEM Partner

We partner with NETinfo as an OEM partner to complement our risk analytics solutions with a white-label digital & mobile banking platform. 

How we develop technological partnerships

We partner with technology vendors exclusively under OEM model, bundling their products with ours into one comprehensive solution package. 

We are not a classic reseller, focused on developing sales pipelines for our partners in regions where we operate and have no plans of becoming a sales focused partner in the near future. 

If you believe your product could complement solutions we offer, creating additional value for our clients, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss OEM partnership possibilities with you.  


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