StrongHold Fraud Prevention Platform

A powerful real-time analytics platform for detecting and preventing fraud across digital channels.

Fraud constantly evolves. And so should your fraud prevention department.

With the evolution in the way consumers shop, make payments, and live their lives, their behaviour patterns also evolve. To capture that change and profit from it, fraudsters closely follow the trends and adapt their strategies. Therefore, your fraud prevention department should adapt too. 

According to the information security analysts, like Michael Heiligenstein, fraud in the digital age is heavily based on social engineering and exploiting consumers’ limited awareness of current cyber threats and failure to apply  “digital hygiene” principles to everything they do online. Gone are the days when fraudsters just tried to counterfeit or hijack the card or device consumers were using. This paradigm shift in fraudulent behavior warrants continued investment in fraud prevention strategies to protect their business and their customer activities.

There is an increase in the channels consumers are using to engage with your organization’s offerings – card payments are not the only channel consumers are using anymore. There are cards, there are HCE tokens, and there are mobile wallets, digital banks, and wearables .. Consumers are also more mobile than before.

With all of these changes, your organization deserves/demands a fraud prevention system that will not only be light and efficient resource-wise but also will effectively detect and prevent fraudulent activity in this complex consumer channel mix in real time.

Introducing StrongHold Fraud Prevention – a real-time behaviour analytics system

StrongHold Fraud Prevention is a behavioural analytics system, whose genesis stems back all the way to 2002 when D8 Corporation began its journey in the payment cards industry.

StrongHold creates a behavioural model of each consumer, based on  preconfigured parameters (such as amounts spent, geolocation, etc.), and then analyzes currently observed activity in real-time against historical consumer behaviour.

Whenever StrongHold detects any deviation  in typical behaviour, it can produce an alert or be empowered to take action. For example, if a login attempt from the previously unused device or previously unused location is attempted, StrongHold Fraud Prevention can automatically block that login attempt or request a confirmation from the consumer without any human intervention.

This enables detection of even the most complex patterns in customer activity, that would have been impossible to track manually.

Digital channels StrongHold Fraud Prevention supports:

Cards authorization Core/Switch

For screening all authorization requests of payment cards with a real-time decision making.

CRM/IVR/Other backoffice

For including data about customer activity in the backoffice systems (support calls, password changes, etc.).

Digital Banking

For screening customer activity events in digital banking systems, like - logins, change of settings, payment orders, etc.

Other systems

Potential data sources are not limited to the ones stated. We're happy to discuss any custom integration requests you might have.

Open Banking interfaces

For screening authentication/payments initiation requests, coming from open banking interfaces.

StrongHold Fraud Prevention advantages

The main advantages of incorporating StrongHold Fraud Prevention into your fraud-prevention programs come down to this: 

Multi-channel capability

StrongHold can be integrated with multiple data sources simultaneously. By combining various streams of data about consumer activity (from payment card systems, digital wallets, mobile banking, ATMs, etc.), StrongHold can detect complex behaviour patterns in consumer activity.

Real-time decision making

StrongHold responds to activity and takes a defined action in real-time. With money never leaving consumers’ accounts, your organization can expect a marked reduction of chargebacks and communications.

Seamless integration

StrongHold offers a wide range of APIs to integrate both with modern, web-based systems as well as legacy systems. Thus StrongHold Prevention will complement any infrastructure.

Vendor independence

In a fast-changing environment, the configuration of the system can also rapidly adapt to changing requirements. StrongHold offers maximum flexibility so that system configurations can be made by your employees, without D8 involvement.

Resource efficiency

We are diligently testing and improving the system to ensure the most efficient use of hardware resources and ensure the most practical cost of ownership.

StrongHold Fraud Prevention complementary Solutions

Furthermore, StrongHold Fraud Prevention provides native integration with all our other solutions, unlocking a world of advanced functionalities.

StrongHold Fraud Prevention License or SaaS commercial models

We cater to the broad spectrum of organizations, from large and established banks to small and nimble startups. 

Regardless of how well-established is your organization, you can take advantage of StrongHold – just start with SaaS installation and as your business grows, you can always switch to an in-house license later.

System migration from SaaS to in-house is seamless, thanks to configuration management features that allow you to migrate system configurations from one installation to another with only a few clicks.

StrongHold Fraud Prevention
Success Stories

Digital Fraud Georgia

Deploying a digital fraud prevention solution for an international banking group in Georgia

In 2023, our client, a Georgian subsidiary of an international banking group, recognized the need to enhance their fraud prevention processes to mitigate the rising threat of digital fraud. Our client was looking for a flexible platform, with modern and scalable architecture, built using a digital-first approach.

Project results:
✔︎ Real-time alerts on any suspicious activity patterns
✔︎ Timely reporting of any suspicious activity to FMS

Learn more
Transaction Screening Latvian PSP

Helping an Acquiring PSP with e-commerce transaction screening

In 2018, a Latvia-based licensed BIN sponsor and cards processor approached D8 in search of a transaction screening system for their e-commerce acquiring channel.
Our client chose D8 because of our excellent competence in the field, as well as our impeccable reputation for getting things done.

Project results:
✔︎ Substantially reduced number of chargebacks
✔︎ Improved operational efficiency of fraud department

Learn more
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