Deploying a digital fraud prevention solution for an international banking group in Georgia

The Challenge

In 2023, our client, a Georgian subsidiary of an international banking group, recognized the need to enhance their fraud prevention processes to mitigate the rising threat of digital fraud. With the increasing reliance on digital channels such as web and mobile applications, it has become crucial to implement a robust solution that could effectively detect and prevent social engineering fraud. Earlier that year, we had already engaged with another client from Georgia, driven by similar requirements (check out the case study) to comply with FMS Georgia. We also did a range of similar projects in the last couple of years (for example, check out this and this case study). 

Understanding the urgency and importance of this requirement, we presented our StrongHold Fraud Prevention Platform as the ideal solution for combating digital fraud. With its focus on social engineering fraud prevention in various digital channels (such as web and mobile apps), StrongHold Fraud Prevention Platform provides an additional layer of security to our client’s digital channels. This type of fraud involves manipulating individuals through psychological techniques to obtain confidential information or access to their accounts.

Solution We Offered

We deployed StrongHold Fraud Prevention Platform, integrated with our client’s digital banking back-end, using our standard APIs. Our standard REST and C/Java APIs allow integrating StrongHold with a variety of systems – with enterprise back office systems via C/Java APIs, or with modern web services via REST API. Our client needed StrongHold to monitor digital banking users’ activity online, detect any anomalies and timely report them, as FMS Georgia requires. For example, we’re using StrongHold to track and compare how the customer is using the digital banking app (where does the customer log in from, the pattern of payments, etc.) and their payment card (which merchants the customer frequently visits, where the card is most often used, etc.) to detect digital fraud.

Thanks to flexible system configuration, we’re able to detect any anomalies in the customer’s behavior that might signal the customer’s account or card has been compromised and act accordingly before the money leaves the customer’s account. This allows our client’s security teams to take prompt action and protect their customers from falling victim to such fraudulent schemes.

By choosing our StrongHold Fraud Prevention Platform, our client can rest assured that they have a comprehensive solution in place to combat digital fraud effectively. With its cutting-edge features and ability to adapt to evolving threats, the platform offers a robust defense against digital fraud in both web and mobile channels. As a result, our client can enhance their fraud prevention processes and provide their customers with a secure banking experience in the digital realm.


The Results

Technologies that we used in this project

Oracle DB

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