Helping a bank in Latvia migrate to 3D Secure 2

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The Challenge

Our client has a sizeable payment card portfolio and cardholders of these cards expect to receive high-end services from the bank. As an issuing bank, our client was planning a migration from the outdated 3D Secure 1 standard to the newest major version 3D Secure 2, and was looking for a 3D Secure software vendor who would help them make the transition. 

Migration to the latest version of 3D Secure 2 has its merits. For one, it’s a technologically smart decision that removes a lot of potential security vulnerabilities. And then, it was also proven by the payment networks to substantially improve the customer shopping experience. 

Solution We Offered

We offered 3D Secure Solution, which is a premier solution, specifically developed for issuers of payment cards that want to authenticate e-commerce transactions using a full spectrum of 3D Secure 2 capabilities.

Unlike 3D Secure 1, 3D Secure 2 does not bother cardholders with unnecessary authentication requests whenever they try to purchase something online. Instead, it uses a risk-based authentication mechanism that analyzes more than 100 data points of each transaction in real time and then decides on whether an authentication request is warranted in a particular case. As a result, payment networks authenticate 90% or more of the transactions without requesting any additional information from the cardholder.

In cases cardholder needs to be verified, you can configure multiple authentication methods in EMV ACS (by applying them on a customer group or card product basis) and customize the authentication screen that seamlessly integrates into the overall digital banking design of the issuer. Our 3D Secure Solution components (3DSS and EMV ACS) are fully certified by EMVCo.


The Results

Technologies that were used in this project


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