Payment Cards

Card Fraud Detection Ukrainian Bank

Helping a Ukrainian bank update payment card fraud detection systems

In 2017, D8 Corporation played a pivotal role in enhancing the card fraud detection systems of a prominent Ukrainian branch of an international banking group. Our client chose D8 as the fastest system for card transaction screening online.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully upgraded card fraud detection systems to preventive analysis
✔︎ Real-time integration with 4 data sources

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Card fraud prevention London

Helping a large processor in London upgrade card fraud prevention system

In 2015, D8 Corporation played a pivotal role in assisting a prominent card processor, headquartered in London, with the seamless transition to a contemporary, web-oriented card fraud prevention system. Our client chose D8 due to real-time analysis and the high TPS throughput of our system.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched real-time analytics for all acquired and on-us transactions
✔︎ Processing time of below 20ms per transaction

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Corporate cards CIS processor

Building a corporate cards processing system for a national-scale customs payments system

In 2013, a customs payments processor from Russia approached us with an exciting opportunity – to help them build a corporate cards system for accepting customs payments quickly and with ease. Our client chose D8 as a reliable vendor that offered all required software components and services in a single package.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched corporate cards issuing system
✔︎ Built web & mobile portal apps for users to manage their card network

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Acquiring Fraud Prevention Baltic Bank

Helping a large acquirer in the Baltics prevent acquiring fraud

In 2013, a prominent acquirer in the Baltics faced a significant challenge in combating acquiring fraud within their expansive merchant network. Our client chose D8 mostly due to a proven track record in delivering real-time analytics and upholding an exceptional reputation for combatting acquiring fraud.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a merchant automated screening process during onboarding
✔︎ Launched transaction scoring framework to flag any transactions meeting high-risk criteria

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Card Risk Management Nordic Bank

Helping a Nordic banking group improve payment card risk management

In 2012, the prominent Nordic banking group sought to enhance their card risk management processes to effectively combat the rising threat of fraud in the digital age. Our client chose D8 due to our references and endorsement by Mastercard.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a real-time transaction screening for online authorizations
✔︎ Significant reduction in fraud-related expenses in 12 months after go-live

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