Head of Managed Services

Janis Kronbergs

Janis started his career in ’01 as an IT administrator in Vecmilgravis Terminal, in charge of office network and user management. In ’03, he was promoted to the Head of IT role, becoming in charge of designing and implementing IT infrastructure upgrade project for the whole company, as well as formalizing IT protocols and procedures. 

In ’05, Janis joined RBSSKALS, one of the leading construction companies in Latvia, in charge of designing and introducing company-wide IT management framework. In addition, he also led a team of 15 IT administrators on a daily basis, and served as Procurement Officer for all IT related purchases company-wide. 

In ’16, Janis was hired as a consultant by Documeds (later acquired by Rho.), a clinical research company, based in the US and Latvia, with a goal of developing company-wide IT management framework and perform full restructuring of the IT department. 

Janis joined D8 Corporation in ’17 as a Head of IT, in charge of reorganizing internal IT operations and developing formal procedures. In ’18, Janis was promoted to the Head of Managed Services role, becoming in charge of the Managed Services business division of D8 Corporation. 

During his tenure as a Head of Managed Services (or SLA for short), Janis has built a team of 10 IT experts, developed a set of policies and protocols for ensuring the highest SLA level to our clients and successfully completed company-wide PCI DSS certification. 

PCI DSS certification allows D8 Corporation to offer full scope of remote IT administration services to organizations with PCI DSS compliant infrastructures. Under Janis’ leadership, Managed Services department developed a systematic approach to onboarding new clients and ensuring highest quality of service, without compromising on IT and data security. Managed Services department has been successfully completing PCI DSS audits with no objections every year for 6 years in a row already. 

Janis also holds an ISO 27001 Auditor’s certification. 

“IT operations in the company are like electricity – if no one notices their existence and they are as reliable as the sun rising tomorrow, you’re doing a great job.”

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