Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman

Juris Scerbickis

Juris is an accomplished executive with a proven track record in financial technologies. Juris started his journey as a programmer in the late 80’s, developing core banking systems for the emerging independent banking system in Latvia. 

In the early 90’s, Juris quickly transitioned to the technology leadership roles in multiple banks. First in Hansabanka (now Swedbank), Juris was personally managing bank’s IT projects related to payments infrastructure implementation, ATM network implementation, Cortex payment cards system implementation. Later in Trust Commercial Bank, Juris ran several key projects related to bank’s core banking system and Investment banking IT solution in the IT Executive role. 

In ’99, Juris transitioned to running operations of the FinTech company Nomad Software in the Baltics region as a Managing Director, responsible for building a team of IT experts and running Nomad’s pre-sales activities in the payment cards field.

In 2002, management at Nomad Software decided to restructure their operations in the Baltics, so Juris with the team decided to branch out and create an independent system integration company D8 Latvia (which later became D8 Corporation), to continue offering payment technologies expertise both in the Baltics and Globally. 

Since 2002, Juris is leading D8 Corporation as a CEO and also serving as a Chairman of the Board. 

“Our clients have historically chosen D8 Corporation due to our willingness to go the extra mile and provide the level of customization to our solutions that hardly any vendor in the industry has.” 

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