Chief Business Officer, Member of the Board

Nikolajs Kovancovs

Nikolajs has started his journey in ’97 as a Trade Representative in Kvazar-Mikro (KM) – the first representative of the world’s leading IT manufacturers in the post-Soviet space. 

By ’99, Nikolajs transitioned into General Manager’s role, focusing on expanding KM’s distribution & retail business in the Baltics region.  

In ’06, Nikolajs joined D8 Corporation as a pre-sales representative and project manager for payment card projects. Due to his commercial success and strong competencies as a project lead, in ’11 Nikolajs was offered a C-level position and a seat at the Board. 

Since ’11, Nikolajs has been leading global business development activities in D8 Corporation and serves as a Member of the Board. 

“D8 is well-known for taking on challenges in situations when others behave timidly or have passed on the opportunity.”

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