Head of HR

Olga Golenisceva

Olga started her career in ’08 as an HR Specialist in McDonald’s Latvia. Her main responsibilities were prospecting of new hires, conducting multi-stage interviews, preparing staff reports and participating in employer’s brand recognition activities. 

In ’11, she was promoted to the Senior HR Specialist’s role, expanding the scope of her responsibilities to company-wide HR budget planning, upkeeping of company’s staff (around 600 people at that moment) and designing motivational programs, and organizing company-wide social gatherings. 

Throughout her career at McDonald’s, Olga developed a set of manuals and training processes for 12 restaurants in the country. She’s an author of a training course “Effective interviewing skills”, designed for restaurant managers.

In ’16, Olga joined Mercedes-Benz Latvia (Domenikss) as a consultant, with a goal of improving internal HR processes in the company. During her tenure, she introduced a formal hiring process and developed company-wide employee motivation system. 

Olga joined D8 Corporation in ’17 as an HR Manager, focused on helping the company reach its growth targets. Olga developed a set of new HR processes – a remuneration policy, and an internal survey of employees.

In ’19, Olga was promoted to the Head of HR role, now in charge of D8 Corporation’s global hiring efforts in Latvia, Ukraine, Poland and Kyrgyzstan. During her tenure at D8, HR team has successfully filled 65 new positions. Olga holds number of professional certifications on HR practices and Labor Law. Olga is also currently doing her Master’s studies in “Management Psychology and Supervision”. 

“You can’t demand productivity from people – it’s all about creating the right environment for them to be productive.”

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