Product Owner, Card Management Platform

Roberts Bergmanis

Roberts started his journey in ’13 as an Engineer/Analyst, working at Accenture Latvia. He was involved in development and delivery of enterprise web solutions for health insurance and media industries. Robert worked primarily with Java (with Spring) on the back-end, and  JavaScript (with jQuery and AJAX) on the front-end, to serve a very large number of end users. 

During his tenure at Accenture, Roberts also acquired leadership experience, particularly overseeing the development, maintenance, QA, and SLA processes, communicating with clients, and cooperating with HR on prospecting and recruiting members of the development team. 

Roberts joined D8 Corporation in ’16 as a project manager, leading Tokenization and mobile payments implementation projects for our clients globally. 

In ’22, Roberts was promoted to the Product Owner role, and is currently leading the product team of our Card Management Platform. Roberts is well-respected by his clients and peers as a charismatic and empathetic leader, willing to do whatever is necessary address the clients’ needs. 

“My focus is always on making the process transparent to the involved parties, and ensuring that all involved parties get the exact result they need.”

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