Case Studies

Digital Fraud Georgia

Deploying a digital fraud prevention solution for an international banking group in Georgia

In 2023, our client, a Georgian subsidiary of an international banking group, recognized the need to enhance their fraud prevention processes to mitigate the rising threat of digital fraud. Our client was looking for a flexible platform, with modern and scalable architecture, built using a digital-first approach.

Project results:
✔︎ Real-time alerts on any suspicious activity patterns
✔︎ Timely reporting of any suspicious activity to FMS

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GPay Bishkek

Helping a bank in Kyrgyzstan to tokenize their cards using GPay

In 2023, a well-known bank in Kyrgyzstan made the strategic decision to offer their cards in digital form through the GPay wallet. After careful consideration, they selected D8 as their preferred partner due to our extensive experience in tokenization systems and a successful track record of tokenization projects.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched an integration with GPay
✔︎ The bank became one of the first in the country to offer their cards in Google Wallet

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Upgrading 3D Secure system

In early 2023, our client was planning an upgrade of their 3D Secure infrastructure to the latest version of EMVCo. standard, supporting RBA and frictionless authentication principles.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully migrated from EMVCo.ver.1 to ver.2
✔︎ Successfully launched ED Secure as-a-service

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AML Saas case study

Delivering an AML SaaS solution for a UK startup

In late 2022, a UK-based startup was looking for a KYC, Risk Scoring and Payments monitoring solution vendor, who could supply such a system under SaaS model. Our client chose D8 due to our flexibility and willingness to offer SaaS commercial model.

Project results:
✔︎ Full compliance with FCA requirements for screening & reporting
✔︎ Successfully avoided upfront CAPEXes with the SaaS model

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KYC process Georgian bank

Helping a known Georgian bank to automate their KYC process

In 2022, a known bank in Georgia wanted to streamline their KYC process and automate customer risk scoring, aligning with the stringent regulatory standards set forth by FMS Georgia. Our client chose to work with D8 due to our track record in the Georgian market and familiarity with the FMS Georgia requirements.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched an automated KYC process for all new applications
✔︎ Launched risk scoring and periodic re-scoring of all customers

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AML screening Georgian Bank

Helping a prominent banking group in Georgia to optimize AML screening processes

In 2022, a leading banking group in Georgia sought out D8 to address their need for an effective solution to enhance AML screening processes. Our client chose D8 among other contestants due to our excellent reputation in Georgia and previous track record of successful AML solution implementations.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched an automated KYC processing for all new applications
✔︎ Launched a continuous monitoring of all payment activity with customers’ accounts

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AML Solution EMI Lithuania

Deploying an AML solution in a Lithuanian EMI

In late 2021, a Lithuanian EMI was looking for an AML solution that would enable them to fully comply with AMLD6 requirements. Our client chose D8 due to our experience and willingness to engage in a POC project.

Project results:
✔︎ Full compliance with AMLD6 requirements for screening & reporting
✔︎ Successfully automated most of KYC, screening and monitoring processes

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Helping Georgian Bank enter Georgia’s e-commerce industry

In 2021, Georgia was experiencing strong growth in demand for e-commerce purchases, with e-commerce purchases’ share in the total consumer spending rising rapidly. A prominent Georgian Bank wanted to capture some of that growth and needed a reliable partner to build e-commerce acquiring infrastructure.

Project results:
✔︎ Quickly launched the system within 4 months
✔︎ Custom integrations created with bank’s onboarding system

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Helping a bank in Latvia migrate to 3D Secure 2

In 2021, a prominent Latvian bank was planning a migration from the outdated 3D Secure ver.1 standard to the newest major version 3D Secure ver.2, and was looking for a 3D Secure software vendor who would help them make the transition.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully migrated to the latest version of EMVCo. 3D Secure
✔︎ Improved the cardholders’ shopping experience

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Launching Apple Pay integration in Bahrain

In 2021, Apple announced its entry into the Bahrain market with the Apple Pay system. Our client, one of the leading banks in the region, made a decision to support Apple Pay wallet for its cards.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully launched Apple Pay
✔︎ One of the first to introduce in-app provisioning

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AML software Lithuanian FI

Helping a Lithuanian FI automate oversight and reporting with AML software

In early 2021, a prominent Lithuanian financial institution sought to enhance its regulatory compliance capabilities by implementing robust AML software for transaction monitoring and customer oversight. Our client chose D8 mostly due to our proven expertise and successful track record in the Baltic region.

Project results:
✔︎ Full compliance with AMLD6 requirements for screening & reporting
✔︎ Successfully built custom risk-adjusted transaction processing logic​

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Launching tokenization in Uzbekistan

In early 2020, seeing the rapid development of tokenization services worldwide and the expansion of OEM wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, a local Uzbekistan card network wanted to offer such services to the local customers in Uzbekistan as well.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully launched a national-scale CBTS
✔︎ 23+ banks onboarded in 3 months

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Google Pay Baltics processor

Helping a processor in the Baltics to build Google Pay and Apple Pay connections

In 2019, a well-known processor in the Baltics approached us with a specific request – to build integrations with Google Pay and Apple Pay services. Our client chose D8 Corporation due to our previous experience in this field.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully launched Google Pay connected to pan-Baltics issuing system
✔︎ Implemented in-app provisioning for both wallet platforms

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Issuer Wallet Nordic Banking group

Helping a Nordic Banking group build their Issuer Wallet hub

In 2019, a Nordic Banking group approached D8 Corporation, a trusted partner known for our successful implementation of Tokenization projects, to develop an Issuer Wallet hub. Our client chose D8 Corporation due to our excellent reputation in getting things done, our previously completed projects (check out our MCBP case), and the historical relationship we have with the bank.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched an Issuer Wallet, integrated into mobile banking using SDK
✔︎ Launched I-TSP integration with Google Pay

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Apple Pay for a Baltic bank

Launching one of the first Apple Pay integrations in the Baltics

In 2019, our client, a well-known bank in the Baltics, embarked on an exciting journey to prepare for the launch of Apple Pay in Latvia. Having previously worked with this bank on the implementation of the Issuer Wallet project with Visa, we were the perfect partner to assist them in creating the necessary integrations for Apple Pay.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched an integration with Apple Pay
✔︎ Prepared the system for future integration with Google Pay

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Card processing Ukraine FI

Helping an emerging card acquirer in Ukraine to build their card processing ecosystem

In 2018, a growing Payment Service Provider (PSP) from Ukraine was in need of a partner to help establish their card processing infrastructure. Our client chose D8 due to our excellent competence in the field of payment cards and our impeccable reputation for getting things done.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a fully operational acquiring PSP infrastructure in 2 months’ time
✔︎ Built a full KYC, Merchant screening, and onboarding process internally

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Transaction Screening Latvian PSP

Helping an Acquiring PSP with e-commerce transaction screening

In 2018, a Latvia-based licensed BIN sponsor and cards processor approached D8 in search of a transaction screening system for their e-commerce acquiring channel.
Our client chose D8 because of our excellent competence in the field, as well as our impeccable reputation for getting things done.

Project results:
✔︎ Substantially reduced number of chargebacks
✔︎ Improved operational efficiency of fraud department

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Card Fraud Detection Ukrainian Bank

Helping a Ukrainian bank update payment card fraud detection systems

In 2017, D8 Corporation played a pivotal role in enhancing the card fraud detection systems of a prominent Ukrainian branch of an international banking group. Our client chose D8 as the fastest system for card transaction screening online.

Project results:
✔︎ Successfully upgraded card fraud detection systems to preventive analysis
✔︎ Real-time integration with 4 data sources

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Card fraud prevention London

Helping a large processor in London upgrade card fraud prevention system

In 2015, D8 Corporation played a pivotal role in assisting a prominent card processor, headquartered in London, with the seamless transition to a contemporary, web-oriented card fraud prevention system. Our client chose D8 due to real-time analysis and the high TPS throughput of our system.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched real-time analytics for all acquired and on-us transactions
✔︎ Processing time of below 20ms per transaction

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Corporate cards CIS processor

Building a corporate cards processing system for a national-scale customs payments system

In 2013, a customs payments processor from Russia approached us with an exciting opportunity – to help them build a corporate cards system for accepting customs payments quickly and with ease. Our client chose D8 as a reliable vendor that offered all required software components and services in a single package.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched corporate cards issuing system
✔︎ Built web & mobile portal apps for users to manage their card network

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Acquiring Fraud Prevention Baltic Bank

Helping a large acquirer in the Baltics prevent acquiring fraud

In 2013, a prominent acquirer in the Baltics faced a significant challenge in combating acquiring fraud within their expansive merchant network. Our client chose D8 mostly due to a proven track record in delivering real-time analytics and upholding an exceptional reputation for combatting acquiring fraud.

Project results:
✔︎ Launched a merchant automated screening process during onboarding
✔︎ Launched transaction scoring framework to flag any transactions meeting high-risk criteria

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